4 Blogging Tips To Start Making Money Online

4 Blogging Tips To Start Making Money Online

Do you want to take your blog to the next level and start earning money? Maybe you’re a beginner and you wonder what chance you have to earn anything, considering there are thousands of established blogs already. Do you need sound guidance and blogging tips to maximize engagement on your blog?

Here’s the good news: it doesn’t matter how many blogs exist. What matters is that people all over the world are still reading blogs. The Internet is the number 1 source of information for millions of people you can still make your voice heard.

In this article, I’m going to discuss 4 blogging tips that will not only get your new blog engagement, but will also show you some of the best ways to make money online quickly through blogging.

4 Blogging Tips To Get You Started

1. Choose a profitable niche

If you are just thinking about getting started and know that your main goal is to make money from blogging then start a profitable niche. A few examples include:

  • travel
  • technology
  • food
  • health & fitness
  • parenting
  • fashion and beauty

And if you’ve already started and are in a not so profitable niche, don’t worry! There are ways to monetize any blog. The niches previously listed tend to get more sponsorships from brands, and it is very easy to sell products in one of those areas. But that doesn’t mean brands in other niches don’t reach out to bloggers. They do!

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2. Offer valuable content

No matter what niche you chose, you must offer valuable content. Do not create a blog with the sole purpose to sell things to readers. Opening your blog shouldn’t feel like walking into an endless section of commercials. The key is to offer information, to keep the readers engaged and make them feel like they’re learning something new from each post. When you finally get some sponsored content or try to sell a product, they will be much more inclined to view it.

3. Get clear on your monetization strategy

In short – find out what the best way to make money in your niche is. Research what other bloggers are doing, see what seems to be working best. What are people who read your blog most responsive to? The strategy is key in any business, so make sure you take time to carve out yours.

4. Make sure you get traffic on your website

Here’s a little secret: you can have the best content and the best monetization strategy. But if you don’t get traffic (aka readers) to your blog, you’re doing it in vain. Start by focusing on SEO to get organic traffic. But don’t forget about other channels such as Pinterest, or social media.

Don’t try to focus on all of them at once. You’ll get exhausted and get no results. Focus on only 1 or 2 channels. See where content similar to your does best. For some, it might be Pinterest, for others Instagram. Find your best channel and grow it.

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Also, don’t forget to create an email list. Unlike social media channels, where you depend on an algorithm to get your posts to people, email lists are yours. You know your message will get delivered. Better yet, you know these people are truly interested in your message! It’s the perfect communication channel to grow your audience.

3 Best Ways to Monetize Your Content

1. Affiliate Marketing

Considered by many the number one way to earn passive income, affiliate marketing is something any blogger can do. It’s true that some affiliate programs require you to have thousands of readers each day. But there are enough programs that are more than happy to work with beginners.

What is affiliate marketing? In short, it means you recommend products you like to people, and they purchase based on your recommendation. Usually, you will receive an affiliate code from the company you work with, that will help them track sales that come from you.

My tip here is to only recommend products you’ve tried and love. Don’t start trying to sell products just in the hope to make a commission. You might be an amazing writer, who can sell just about anything, but in the long run, this strategy might backfire. How? Well, someone who regularly reads your content could notice your recommendations are all over the place and don’t sound genuine at all. The result? You could start losing readers and subscribers.

2. Display ads

For most beginner bloggers, ads are the first thing that comes to mind when they want to monetize their website. Is this the best approach? Yes and no.

Yes, because it’s an effortless way to earn passive income. All you gotta do is join a program such as Google Adsense, choose where you want the ads to display, copy and paste the code and your ads are up and running.

No, because most of the programs work on the pay-per-click method. Meaning you won’t earn any revenue unless people click on the ads. Unlike with affiliate marketing, you’re not presenting the products in the ads. You don’t really control the ads that are shown. Most of the time they will relate to the content of your post, but there’s still no guarantee the readers will be interested enough to click. Also, the pay-per-click is fairly low, and to earn real revenue you need hundreds if not thousands of clicks on an ad.

3. Sponsored posts

Look, I get it. You don’t like it when you see ads on other websites. So you might not want to show them to your readers. Maybe you’re a little control freak (hey, not judging, we all sometimes!) and you just don’t want to lose control over what is showed on your website.

Or maybe you actually like ads. After all, they can be informative. But let’s face it: sponsorship are any blogger’s dream. And good sponsorship can make you as much money as many, many ads.

To obtain one, you will need to have clear stats on your traffic – demographics, the landing page, what they were looking for when they found your website. If you have an email list, it’s useful to be able to show not only the number of subscribers but also how many of your emails are actually opened and read. Are your readers clicking links (if any exist) from the email? That’ll also be important to show when trying to get a sponsorship.

Yes, you guessed right – you need to have a lot of traffic and a pretty large email list to get sponsored by brands. That’s why before you start trying to monetize, you need to incorporate the first blogging tips I told you about.


Blogging is a long-term journey. You will not start earning 6 figures overnight. And any posts you may stumble upon telling you the contrary are most likely scams. But you can start earning revenue quickly, by incorporating these simple blogging tips.


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