7 Excellent Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog for Free

It isn’t just enough for the doctor getting better. It does matter where he positions up his tradition very, right? For any blogger, choosing the best blogging scaffold is almost as important as the content he is trying to sell.

This write-up is tailor-made for anyone trying to start a blog for free. You would want to end up with best available blogging area that is easy to employ, freely customizable and is easy on your reader’s noses!

Thinking of singer your opinion on the web? Or even trying to make a respectable earning time by writing your opinions on the massive internet stadium? Well, there are a wide range of free blogging areas available for you to start a blog. Of route, which excellent blog platform you choose is perfectly up to you and your requirements.

Listed down below are brief write-ups about the 7 better blogging pulpits which will help you decide which one to choice when trying to start a blog for free.



Almost all to-be bloggers and current bloggers would have heard about WordPress during their blogging excursion or atleast during their research for the same. In this safarus, one is bound to delay for a minute before choosing between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is more for customers who are looking for free blogging places while WordPress.org expects hosting by the user, which means you have to shell out a few bucks to do “the worlds largest” out of it but it entitles you to have full owned of your blog.

Find out the pros and cons of the same and be determined whether it is the best blogging stage for you?


Highly good material handling arrangement.

WordPress.org is an open informant website builder adding to its opennes.

Potpourruss of themes make it highly customizable for bloggers. The benefit is definitely more now for WordPress.org

Numerous free plugins are available for WordPress.org offering you wide diversity.

If “youre looking to” draw some income out of your blogging, then you can always go for WordPress.org. It is only one of best available blogging programmes for e-commerce.

It offers you lots of scope to ascertain and expand. There are a plethora of forums and communities to help you along the way if you find it difficult.

Self-hosting for WordPress.org requires you to invest some fund into it. But hey, the more you are ready to invest, the more helps they are able to reap especially if you are using the blog as part of your company and not just as a diversion.

Limited plugins and intends are available for WordPress.com but is still very much at equality with other blogging pulpits.

It takes time to get a hang of all the features before receiving maximum benefit and is thus day exhausting and challenging for a amateur.

WordPress.com: is more of software busines located company which offers hosting business at large.

WordPress.com: Offering hosting business totally free. The installing component seems a bit risky though.

WordPress.com: Not customizable. No personalized plug-ins or modification of generator system given.

WordPress.com: You have to pay for removal of those third party ads.


Easy lag and remove option when creating website material therefore a visual boundary.

It offers you great ease of use. You need not be tech savvy to find your way around Weebly

Attractive design and organization options

Not era consuming, as it is relatively easy to learn how to go around it

Ideal for those useds looking to build small-scale or simple-minded websites

Free hosting services offered for their areas

Has a pulpit to construct e-commerce

Monetization. Weebly offers a number of options in this area like AdSense, banner ads and third party codes

Not an open source website builder. Doesn’t render much flexibility in comparison to other players in the scaffold

There is a page restriction for the free and starter proposes – 5 sheets for the onetime and 10 pages for the latter. However, there are two improvements from the starter design accessible

Lacks in customization abilities

Does not patronage added plugins other than the ones either already built in. Hence, there is no option of positioning more plugins of your choice

Not standard for those would be interested to draw receipt exploiting complex websites


You will be provided with a custom-built domain name which is basically of the anatomy yourname.blogspot.com It offers exclusive free hosting and the publishing features are all taken into consideration by the place itself. If you are a novice, this free blogging locate is definitely recommendations for you, since it supports an easy to utilize graphical is compatible with a step by step process asked for the same.

The targeted benefits of blogger are very good. Nonetheless, customization pieces are not so readily available and there is a kind of limited copy graphics and themes for the same. Since it is relatively easy to call, there is only limited or no kind of support services made available by the locate. However, you can exploration the web for any cure need while “youre starting” your own blog.


Simple and minimalistic facets ordered with a great user interface that helps you start your very own blog for your specific purpose Quite similar to social networking sites, it is rather a community based website with good idol hall on the line including re-blogging the characteristics and the like. High point fee themes are available at an inexpensive toll apart from the inexpensive hosting facets it offers. Starting a tumblr blog is in fact free! Offering alluring apps for the different types of Smartphone on the move attains it a great alternative among the best blogging pulpits.

Customization peculiarities according to your needs was still not made available for this extensive scaffold. This is a huge downside to this otherwise remarkable free blogging place. Simply limited widgets and alternatives are available for your help.


It is easy to build and is highly functional. The programme was indeed particularly cozy to give. User-friendliness and flexibility ingredients are often high. Great themes qualify for your employment. Full season speedy aid is available for all squarespace users. User end updating is not required and all updation of the issues and plugins are done at the server place.

Not suitable for sophisticated and high-pitched end users who expect a larger professionalism of the opened scheme. Minimalistic intend alternatives are however accessible if you wish to choose. Premium packages are somewhat beyond the economical scope. It is not an open generator pulpit.


The target audience is quite good. Some immense showing are located on this kind of pulpit. It is easy to use and is quite user friendly. It boasts of an cheap expenditure for hosting features and the like. Typography is one thing which you can be very sure of. Such content reviews superb now. The updation and upkeep are handled by the professionals so you don’t need to worry about the regular updation tasks.

Tough competition is its great downside. The publicized content and nonsense needs to be highly exclusive and of top notch standard. Customization peculiarities are not available and there are limited amount of themes which you can choose from. The revelation to the audience is limited to the time span of the office. Designing is not what is exactly offered now exclusively. It is more of a material based website than a free blogging place.


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