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Hello my name is Greg Smith, I’m currently reside in Hampton Roads, Va and I’ve also been a native of the Hampton Roads area for the last 37 years. I’m currently engaged to my beautiful fiance, Tiffany and I have no children.I received a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems and just recently completed my Masters in CIS Management at Strayer University. I currently work full time for a major consulting firm as an IT security consultant for the past 7 years and enjoy meeting new people and helping others in providing solutions to everyday problems.Some of my hobbies other than network marketing include music ( I play two musical instruments, the alto saxophone and the electric bass guitar), blogging, video games occasionally, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

 I’ve been involved with network marketing for the past couple of years and I’ve learned a great deal of what it takes to become successful in this highly competitive industry. My passion is to provide individuals looking to achieve financial security or even better financial freedom from the daily 9 to 5 grind of a blue collar or corporate job by empowering those who want to better themselves through education and learning how to make money online. I will mentor those who are easily teachable and coach-able to help them in reaching their financial goals. I truly believe that with dedication and a good work ethic, many individuals can reach an unlimited amount of financial success through network marketing no matter what niche they decide to pursue. I hope to build lasting relationships both business and personal and I look forward to working with those truly motivated in changing their life.

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  1. Hey Im considering join Xplocial, Ive been in several of MLM buz but the money wasnt good and the set up wasnt well. Im currently working on my master in Finance. Now I have my own credit repair biz and I sign ppl up for AMEX Credit Cards, “Direct Marketing at the Airport but I want more.From ur experience, what do recommend about this biz.

    • Hello Jermaine,

      Xplocial is an multi-level marketing company that offers special travel and discount incentives to help you build any business and increase your sales and profits. You can become an affiliate of Xplocial and not only use the discounts to help boost the sales of your credit repair business, but help others build their businesses as well. If you want to learn more about Xplocial, please leave me a comment or email me here on the Contact Me page.

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