Another Facebook Marketing Technique

Facebook Marketing Using Mobile Technology

Hello everyone, just wanted to give a quick post on another facebook marketing technique that you can use to drive traffic to your facebook personal or fan page.

I use a great method to drive fans to my blog using mobile technology. Today’s mobile technology merged with social media can help grow your business exponentially and get your brand out to people looking for a financial solution to their problem.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are great sources of potential traffic and if marketed properly using mobile technology, can easily boost your online presense.

Think about this for a minute, there are over one billion smart phone users in the world today. Think of how many people you could expose your business to whether it’s a primary or affiliate marketing business online with and get your name out there and generate traffic to your Facebook profile or fanpage.

This one simple facebook marketing technique using mobile technology to help you drive fans to your page and  help you dramatically increase your likes on your Facebook fan page.

I’m going to share this with you and hopefully help you can use this method facebook marketingthat will get people to Facebook, get leads and convert those leads into sales.

The best thing about it that it doesn’t require any kind of special apps, it’s doesn’t matter if you own a iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone, and it doesn’t require an extensive technology background to use this method.

Let me tell you, the power of texting is a wonderful tool for marketing to the masses and getting your name out there using smart phones. This is an awesome marketing technique, especially for novice marketers who are looking to gain exposure.

Okay, here it is. Very simple facebook marketing technique that allows people to like your Facebook fanpage using texting from their mobile devices without even actually going to Facebook.

Try this easy technique to become a fan of my Facebook fanpage ‘Network Marketing Made Simple’ for more network marketing tips and assistance with generating traffic to acquire leads and get sales conversions:

Text the following: Fan ‘(facebook username)’ to 32665

For example, to like my Facebook fanpage ‘Network Marketing Made Simple’, type: Fan marketingpro76 to 32665.(Note: marketingpro76 is the vanity username I used to navigate to my Facebook fanpage) This will allow you to place a ‘like’ on my fanpage without even going to Facebook, this facebook marketing techique is even more powerful if used when speaking to a large audience of people interested in your business.

Have everyone pull out their smartphones and type Fan (your username to your FB fanpage) to 32665 and they can automatically place a like on your fanpage right from their smartphones which helps build your social media exposure.

Once you like my fanpage, place a comment either here on the blog or on my facebook fanpage on how this technique could help you in your business. I hope this helps everyone build their brand and get noticed using today’s advanced mobile technology.

There’s a wealth of resources out there that give great advice on the best Facebook marketing tips. Check out these links below for more information on various Facebook marketing techniques below.

  • Jason says:

    I am thinking of doing both for my website, but a banner ad which costs $1000 per month at least, gets a click through rate of 0.20% or 20 clicks per 10,000 views. That is very weak.

    Would it not be better to advertise through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and through emailing lists?

    • Greg says:

      Hello Jason,

      Twenty percent is rather low for a click through rate on something that is costing you $1000 per month, but there are much more cost-effective alternatives than using banner ads. If anyone quotes you a price for a $1,000 a month for a banner ad, I would recommend you seek services elsewhere as that would be the same as someone robbing you on the street. I would definitely suggest social media marketing using Facebook and Twitter to brand yourself, build relationships with others and get your business exposure. Social media is great for both organic and viral traffic and get improve your search engine optimization. If you want to use paid advertising, Facebook PPC is another great way of introducing your product or service to others online and it definitely won’t cost your $1,000 a month. As for emailing lists, these can be effective as well. The trick is learning the techniques to get people to opt-into your business by providing value such as a free e-report or e-book.

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