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 Eric Worre’s Response To The President

Hello, everyone. I recently stumbled upon a video I watched  just the other night from network marketing guru and mentor, Eric Worre on how “Entrepreneurs Are Under Attack”.

Eric Worre‘s is a nationally renowned network marketer who travels the country to give motivational speeches to individuals in succeeding in the network marketing industry. Eric goes on to talk about a recent quote from President Obama stating that he feels entrepreneurs didn’t build their businesses and that it (success) was already there for them.

Eric displays his frustration with the comment made by the President and suggests that entrepreneurs should take pride in succeeding in an industry that usually has a 97% failure rate and how entrepreneurs go against the grain everyday instead of following the masses by working 40-50 years of your life only to make someone else rich.

He also gives four reasons why entrepreneurs are deserving in being recognize as successful entrepreneurs and not as individuals who just got “LUCKY” in being successful in building their business.

One reason Eric Worre gives is that entrepreneurs earn every penny they make is because they work hard, showing a strong work ethic in working to plant a seed and working to protect that seed so in the future, the seed can be harvested and having the ability to be financially free and not have to work years before actually enjoying the type of life they’ve always dreamed of as the rest of the masses do.

I agree with this statement as many individuals who invested time and money in building for the future should not have to ‘bail-out’ those who haven’t and he makes a great argument there. The second reason he explains is that entrepreneurs take risks.

They take risks with their money, reputations, families and assets such as homes mortgages that the average person isn’t willing to take. And he states that risk should be rewarded.

Third is the ability to sacrifice, going against the grain of the masses to become successful in the future. And lastly, they face their fears every single day, entrepreneurs face the daily fear that their businesses could possible fail.

I agree with Eric’s point of view, entrepreneurs should not feel guilty for their hard work, risk taking, sacrifice, and fear that goes along with trying to build a successful marketing business.

DISCLAIMER: By no means does this video reflect my political views. All statements expressed within the video are those of Mr. Eric Worre.

I’ve included the video below for your viewing pleasure. I’m interested in getting some feedback to this video, so please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


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