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Blog Syndication With Facebook

Blog Syndication With Facebook

Hello everyone, wanted to let everyone in on a new Facebook group I just created called ‘The Blogger’s Syndicate. The purpose in creating this group is allow other bloggers to share their blog content using the power of social media, whether to promote a business or website, share ideas or concepts on various topics of interest or for more informative purposes. By sharing this information within the group allows other bloggers to share their ideas and concepts on the same topic and also allows the blogger to offer to exchanged outbound backlink from their respective blog and vice versa. This not only helps bloggers get their content more exposure to others, but helps to increase the search engine optimization of your blog or website by increasing the blog’s page rank in the major search engines. This is basically a form of syndication used to quickly get your blog indexed and ranked if it’s a fairly new blog or dramatically increase your page rank for older blogs.

How Blog Syndication Works

How this works is first you must login to Facebook and perform a search for The Blogger’s Syndicate’ and once found, ask to join the group which will be based on approval from the admin of the group. Once approved, you can post any blog content you want found on the wall that may be of interest to you or similar to a specific niche blog. If you find you like the content of that blog, comment on the blog and inform the author that you would like to exchange outbound links with that person, meaning you would write a short post on your blog about the content that you read and provide an outbound link on your blog to that site. The author of the other blog would do the same for your content as well, promoting syndication using outbound backlinks from both of your respective blogs. Once this is done you can find other blog content that suits your blog or any other interest you have. This also helps in building relationships and getting your business or niche blog exposure to other audiences. As I stated, this is a new group and looking for serious bloggers who want to get their blogs more exposure. Hope this helps everyone.

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