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Blogging and How to Earn Through It

make money blogging

Blogging is growing fast as many people these days choose blogs as the medium to express and share their views with people who share the same interest. It is a great way to share ideas, make friends, and even make some money.

Blogging these days isn’t just limited to sharing ideas. Bloggers these days even make money through it. There are many successful bloggers out there who are earning enough to lead a comfortable life. Whether it’s a hobby blog or a business blog, it is definitely possible to make money out of it. Though it’s not like you will start earning enough at the beginning itself. Everything takes a bit of time. Let’s take a look into how you can earn through your blog.

Including Affiliate links in your content

Affiliate marketing is a great tool for monetizing your blogs. It is very easy. In affiliate marketing, there is an advertiser that might be interested in selling a certain product. The advertiser agrees to pay you a commission if the buyer comes from your website. You will then be provided with a unique link that will track your affiliate code. That way the advertiser will be able to know when a buyer comes from your website. You need to place this link within your post either by directly placing it within your post or through ad banners. If the reader clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

The most popular affiliate marketing is Amazon Associates.

 Monetizing with CPC or CPM Ads 

This is the most common way through which bloggers earn. There are 2 popular types of ad.

• CPC Ads -Cost per click are the ads which you usually in banner form and are placed in your content or sidebar. Each time a reader click on the Ad, you get paid for it.

• CPM Ads- CPM Ads or Cost per 1000 impressions are the ads which pay you a fixed amount of money depending on how many people view the Ad.

Selling digital products

Selling digital products is also a great way to earn money. You can sell e-books, images or videos that people can use for their own content, music, online courses, apps, plugins or themes. Create a digital product that is the need of your readers.

Providing CPA Offers

Another great way to earn money through blogging is providing your audience with CPA (Cost Per Action) offers. Generally, these are offers that allows you to make money just for a reader performing a certain action. This could be anything from opting into an email list, installing an app, or answering polls or surveys. There are many great CPA offering sites such as MaxBounty that offer really good commissions on many of their products that they offer.

Earning doesn’t begin just as soon as you start blogging. You need to able to connect with your readers and be active with your blogging to be able to start earning.

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