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Build Natural Backlinks To Your Online Content

Build Natural Backlinks For Better SEO Results

One of the best ways to get the best search engine optimization for your blog or website content is how well you build natural backlinks to your content. In the past, internet marketing gurus who relied heavily on SEO made large amounts of money using mainly automated marketing tools to create large amount of backlinks to their content. With the recent change in Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms having caused many of these same successful internet marketers to modify how and how often they created automated backlinks.

The key to building your content online is knowing how to build natural backlinks to your site. Natural backlinks are links to your content that are genuine and unique to your specific niche. I like to write my own content, whether its blog posts, pages, articles, press build natural backlinksreleases or forum comments. Building natural backlinks helps you from being what is commonly known as being “Google slapped“. This is the term used by internet marketers who were penalized for using what is now considered a black hat seo practices of using automated tools and resources to build backlinks. Although automation is not a good way to build natural backlinks, there’s still a place for using artificially created backlinks if done correctly. Let me explain.

How I Build Natural Backlinks As My Tier 1 Link Building

Search engine optimization has become somewhat of a science. Your main focus is too build as many, quality backlinks to your site that are relevant to your niche. A common backlink infrastructure is having multiple tiers of backlinks to your site. Now when I say to build natural backlinks to your content, I’m referencing your tier 1 backlinks. Tier 1 links are backlinks that linked DIRECTLY to your blog or website. Say for instance you write an article, within that article, you have a link to your blog or a specific blog post. This is considered a tier 1 backlink. In other words, any content that links back to your money site, is considered a tier 1 backlink.

Okay, here is where I believe artificial or automated backlinks are still useful, if done carefully. Artificial backlinks can be used for your tier 2 or below backlinks, if they carrying high page rank authority. Tier 2 backlinks are backlinks to your Tier 1 backlinks. That’s right, backlinks to your backlinks!  Unlike having to build natural backlinks yourself, you can use an automated tool or service to create quality Tier 2 backlinks that transfer link juice through to your personally created Tier 1 backlinks which accumulated even more link juice to your money site. You can go however many tiers you want, but I would recommend not to go any deeper than tier 3 backlinks, making sure to keep your tier 1 backlinks as natural as possible to avoid getting Google slapped.

Services That Help You Build TIER 2 AND Below Backlinks

There are several services online that can help you build  backlinks to your online content. Although some marketers still use automated tools to build their tier 1 backlinks in hopes of having Google see them as natural backlinks, I try to build natural tier 1 backlinks on my own.  This keeps me from having to worry about being penalized by Google in the future. A website that I use often to get Tier 2 artificial backlinks is SEOClerks, which allows you to hire someone to build your tier 2 or below backlinks to your tier 1 links. There are many tools such as SEnuke and Licorne AIO that allows you to generate backlinks to your site and increase your ranking within the search engines. Personally, these tools are great for creating backlinks to your tier 1 backlinks.

There’s been some controversy over using SEnuke for Tier 1 backlinks with this popular, yet expensive automated back linking tool.  Search engine optimization is definitely a time consuming process, but once you master how to build an effective link building infrastructure to your content, it’s very rewarding. If you have any questions about back linking or search engine optimization, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me here through my blog.

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