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9 Content Research Tools for Bloggers

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If you read my previous post on content marketing, you’d know that content marketing is one of the best ways to get exposure to your website. One of the most asked questions when it comes to content marketing by first time bloggers is “What should I write about?” I hear this all too often. Luckily, there are content research tools online that can help the aspiring blogger to quickly generate relevant and keyword rich content on their blog.

These content research tools are a really great way for people who aren’t exactly literary scholars to gain inspiration or ideals as to what to blog about pertaining to a specific niche or topic. The general rule of blogging is to blog about a topic that you are passionate about, something that either interests you or you have a vast understanding of. This ideal makes blogging simple; you want to be able to form a connection with your targeted audience while also providing some type of value from your content.

With so much content found on the internet today on almost any kind of subject that you can think of makes blogging a no-brainer. Content research tools are by far the route you want to go to pump out content on a daily basis, especially when starting out as a new blogger online. Consistency is the name of the game when blogging. Not only will you draw a targeted audience, but you will start to get the attention of the big search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In this article, I want to give you some good content research tools that I currently use to assist me with finding content for my blog. Like many whose speciality is not writing, these tools will ensure you success online and give you ideas on topics that you may have never even thought of writing on. These 9 content research tools will definitely help level the playing field when it comes to competing with other bloggers within a specific niche. If you know of any other great content research tools to find content, please feel free to comment below;

9 Content Research Tools For Blogging Success

1. Google Suggestions and Trends – I’ve been using Google for a content research tool for awhile now. With it being the 800 pound gorilla among websites and being the biggest search engine online, it’s a no-brainer to scour it for really great content to fuel your ideas and get even more insight that you can expound on.
2. Google Adwords – Many people wouldn’t think to use adwords as a content research tool, but to my surprise, it is. Adwords can be a really good tool for finding specific keywords pertaining to your content and will also help you determine which of those keywords that you have a better chance to rank for when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). Take a close look at this tool as it could prove to be very valuable when conducting content research.
3. Buzzsumo – Now let me say, that Buzzsumo is one of my favorite ways to conduct content research online. What makes Buzzsumo are great content research tool is that it provides highly trending articles pertaining to any subject. It also shows you the popularity of each article on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I use Buzzsumo to cut straight to the chase and provide me content that I KNOW is popular and then simulate that content on my blog to drive targeted readers to my blog. Works really well when you promote your blog articles on social media as well. Really good one here!
4. Alltop – I’ve just started using Alltop for content research. It’s a really great site with a lot of articles that you can sift through and find those golden nuggets that you can use to get ideas from. Alltop provides trending articles from multiple blogging sources, which makes it really nice when looking for specific topics.
5. Ubersuggest – This is another great content research site as like most of the other ones I’ve suggested will give you some really great insights and ideas on topics that you are most interested in for you blog.
6. Bottlenose – Bottlenose is used mainly for intelligence analysis on certain content. This tool is great for determining what content is getting more engagement among its readers. I’ve used this tool the least, but still can provide a blogger with really great analytics when it comes to providing content.
7. Yahoo answers – This content research tool resurfaced from my previous article, but still provides bloggers with really great content ideas to fuel your blog with powerful content by researching questions within the forum can potentially give you ideas to expound on the answers to those questions. Best way to use question forums like Yahoo, is to provide your blog link within your short answer to someone’s question to be used as a backlink to your content. Another good way to get your content exposure quickly!
8. Quora – Quora is somewhat similar to Yahoo answers. You begin by select 10 topics that you are most interested in and then the site will ask you of topics that you know most about. Again, you can take advantage of Quora’s forum as well by providing a link to your blog to give more detail within your answer to a particular question.
9. Soolve – This content research tool is somewhat different than the previous because it allows you to put various terms into a search engine and pull up different terms that are trending on other search engines. This content research tool would be best used to find relevant keywords that you can potentially rank your content around, but a really great tool nonetheless.
So, there are 9 really great content research tools that can be used to get fuel your blog with content that will provide value to your readers. I use many of these tools within my own blog to build my audience on a monthly basis. This will drastically give your content the exposure that it deserves if done properly. Next article will discuss some really great ways to curate your content on auto-pilot. Stay tuned!

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