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Drive Traffic To Your Blog Tips

As I’ve mentioned on several different blog posts, blogging is one of the best ways to build and sustain an online business, regardless of what you’re promoting online. But to be successful in this often times very competitive industry, learning how to drive traffic to your blog to persuade people to provide their information as leads and more importantly, learning how to convert those leads to sales is vital.

Drive Traffic To Your Blog Tips And Strategies

If your new or an experienced blogger, one of the great advantages of having a blog is drive traffic to your bloghaving others read your content which helps to build relationships online over time with people who find interest in your topic or niche. Blogs are especially useful compared to other forms of marketing techniques because they allow you to leave a long-lasting impression with others as opposed to one time direct marketing techniques.

What I mean by this is that having a blog is more of a permanent online fixture that never goes away that people can read long after you’ve written the content. You could possibly generate leads and drive traffic to your blog for months or even years after publishing a particular page or post. Unlike direct marketing which usually last for a few days or at most, weeks.

In this post, I really want to provide a few marketing strategies that I currently use to help drive traffic to your blog. Now these techniques you may already be using, but if you’re fairly new to blogging, you want to pay close attention to some of these methods as they will prove effective in driving targeted leads to your blog, no matter what your niche is.

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

I’m going to provide five great ways for you to drive traffic to your blog, build relationships and in turn, convert those possible leads into potential sales and quickly build your online business:

  1. Submit your blog to popular blog directories – This is a really great way for your drive traffic to your blogblog to get more exposure. Recently, I’ve included my blog in such directories such as Technorati, Blogengage, and NetworkedBlogs. These directories provide a wealth of topics that many people online find interesting and often times will engage with the blogger to build relationships. Technorati has helped me tremendously with not only getting exposure to my blog, but from an SEO standpoint, it’s a great way to build your pagerank as Technorati has a high domain authority (something like a PR6 or PR7).
  2. Write Press Releases For Your Blog – this tip is really useful to drive traffic to your blog. I use press releases to introduce my readers to new and upcoming features of any of my online opportunities. Press releases usually build interest with other readers and can drastically increase the amount of traffic generated to your blog. In a previous post, I go over the press release format and how using press release will build your business.
  3. Use your blog in Q&A Forums – someone introduced me to this strategy a few months ago to drive traffic traffic to my blog. Websites such as Yahoo answers could potentially offer a goldmine of targeted traffic if used properly. I refer people to my blog based on some of the questions that they post on Yahoo Answers. If you scour the site for questions pertaining to business, you could provide answers to these questions and refer people to click on your link and send them to your blog. Warrior Forum is another great example.
  4. Syndicate Your Blog Posts – I can’t tell you how much syndicating my articles to several different blog directories has helped me in generating traffic to my blog. Syndicating your blog content is a great way to send your content to several different directories at once. For WordPress users, there are several different plugins out there that can do this for you. Onlywire is a good service to use whether you use WordPress or not. This also helps in getting your content indexed my major search engines quicker than without syndicating.
  5. Add some controversial blog content – I’ve seen this said on several different websites. I call this ‘going against the grain‘ when writing on certain topics and providing more of an unpopular response to a specific issue or topic. Be very careful using this technique, because it could quickly back-fire on you and cast a negative image on you and your business. If done correctly and somewhat politically correct (lol) you can benefit from using this strategy. I’ve seen this work for others, but the goal is to keep people engaged and help drive traffic to your blog.

There you have it. Five useful marketing strategies (four of which I currently use) to drive traffic to your blog and help you to build your business online. I love sharing information that can help others in their business and also like to learn from others as being an internet marketer requires ongoing knowledge to not only achieve success, but also to sustain it. If you currently use any of these techniques, please let me know how they are helping you drive traffic and build your business by leaving a comment here on my blog.

I look forward to hearing from you. Til next time!


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