Empower Network, Why I Decided To Leave!

Empower Network Was Not For Me

This may somewhat contradicting from some of my earlier blog posts, but I wanted to explain why I decided to leave the infamous Empower Network marketing system. When I first joined the Empower Network last year, I was really excited in joining a reputable internet marketing system that would help me build my brand online and promote not only my primary business, but also allow me to make money as an affiliate of the many different training products that Empower Network had to offer. While many people who joined the Empower Network community were generating leads and profits by simplying blogging daily and sharing their blog content through the use of paid marketing, I was not seeing the type of results as others.

I’m not trying to make any excuses as to why I didn’t make the type of money others were seemingly making online, but I did have some concerns over time. I didn’t really feel that the Empower Network marketing system was the right fit for me. One of the problems that I had with Empower Network was the lack of professionalism that I Empower Networkbelieve both David Wood and David Sharpe displayed in promotional videos with the  cursing and ranting about individuals being “wussies” if they didn’t decide to go ‘all-in’ and spend over $5000 in products that most people couldn’t afford due to the state of the economy. At least keep the sales page professional for people looking to potentially join the business and wanting more information on exactly what the Empower Network had to offer. First impression is very important, especially when it comes to internet marketing and building your down line.

Challenges Marketing The Empower Network

If you’re currently a member of the Empower Network, you may be able to  relate to this common issue when it comes to this marketing system. When I first joined the Empower Network, I was very excited about blogging and getting my blog content out to the masses to eventually generate leads and make money online. I had already started thinking of the many different marketing techniques that I could use to get the word out about my blog. But soon after joining, many of those techniques were banned when it came to the Empower Network. It was almost like a snowball effect, it first started with Facebook, then Craigslist and then other social media sites started to follow suit. It was like everywhere that I thought my blog would get a lot of targeted traffic had quickly prohibited people from posting content that had anything to do with the Empower Network. I couldn’t believe how quickly the system was being shunned away by some of the biggest websites used for both social media and free classified ads online.

Many people were developing tools to circumvent the banned placed by Facebook in getting their Empower Network blog content on Facebook pages. Empower Network had become so saturated that I’ve actually been told when registering for a particular website whether I was a part of Empower Network or not. He stated that he ‘didn’t want any part of that garbage on his website‘. This made me realize that Empower Network didn’t have a great online reputation with many websites and that this could only be a bad sign for those who are new to Empower Network with no experience as a internet marketer looking to market their content online.

Fortunately there is an amazing system that I came across called IM Global that is fresh and currenlty in VIP Beta Pre-launch scheduled for public launch later this month. If your making money in Empower Network or even if you’re struggling, the IM Global co-operative system can help you generate leads for your business while earning 100% revenue shares just for registering and upgrading into the system. You really want to check out IM Global and see for yourself how powerful this system is. In as little as 2 months with this system, I’m sign up over 15 people and currently earning a significant passive residual income from this system. Take the IM Global 30 Day Challenge and see for yourself if your not happy with the Empower Network.


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