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Social media marketing is a critical aspect of not only getting potential leads, but building relationships when it comes to network marketing, but over the past couple of years the concept of Open Graph API has intriguied the network marketing industry and could eliminate the guesswork for network marketers in determining what’s trending on social media sites such as Facebook. Unlike most sites such as Reddit.com, Digg, and StumbleUpon that use physically created aggregated data that is used by network marketers to gain insight as to what content is trending. This type of facebook marketing trend tool will help network marketers to gain an advantage in what information could be used to maximized the amount of traffic to their websites or blog by providing popular content.

What Is Open Graph API?

Introduced by Facebook in 2009, Open Graph API is a form of community platform in which Facebook looks to enhance the social experience by integrating Facebook into every webpage on the Internet to establish data aggregation from end users visiting multiple sites and helps Facebook to determine what sites are being viewed the most based on subject, content and frequency of users accessing particular sites. This information would be compiled into a single community which shares this data and helps marketing efforts. Many people feel that this not necessarily a new concept as other sites such as Reddit and Digg has similiar functionality, with the difference of data being created within these sites as opposed to being aggregated among a multitude of all sites navigated on the Internet. Open Graph API is generally seen as a facebook marketing tool that will change the feel of the Internet into a social experience, meaning everything you view and read on the net will be recorded, categorized, and distributed within a tool that can be viewed by others for marketing purposes.

Issues with Open Graph API

Although Open Graph is seen as an enhancement to the overall Internet experience and gives critical metrics for those looking to increase their Internet presence, there are some who feel that this form of social Internet surfing impedes on individual’s privacy. Facebook will become the primary authentication hub for stored aggregated information and this comes under heavy scrutiny by many users due to Facebook’s current issues with protecting individuals private information and could be used by potential hackers in gaining information. This could be a major drawback of Open Graph and poses a risk of implementing social Internet surfing and the effects that it may have on enforcing Facebook’s privacy policies.

Nonetheless, Open Graph is an excellent facebook marketing tool that could be used to provide individuals with valuable information to increase Internet presence and compile information and metrics used to evaluate surfing trends by end users. Although Facebook hasn’t deployed this concept as of yet, developers may be looking to test the effectiveness of Open Graph in the near future.

If you want to read more about Open Graph and the websites used to compiled information such as ItsTrending.com, click here to be taken to the Social Media Examiner blog pertaining to Open Graph.


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