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Finding A Marketing Strategy That Suits You!

With so many different marketing strategies out there, one could immerse themselves into building an online business, but how do you go about finding a marketing strategy thatfinding a marketing strategy suits you? When I first started out in internet marketing, I didn’t have a clue as to how I was going to market my online business. After doing some research into the many different marketing techniques and strategies that are currently being used online. I decided on a couple that I believe fits me or to some extent will give me an ample reach of people to promote my business too. Depending on your personality and skill set, it can be very beneficial for you to consider one or a combination of effective techniques when finding a marketing strategy to promote both your brand and your business online.

Finding A Marketing Strategy That Suits Your Personality

What really goes into finding a marketing strategy? Well for starters I think one aspect would be to consider your personality. For example, people who tend to be social butterflies who considers themselves extroverts should focus their marketing energy on social media. Not saying that introverts couldn’t use this strategy of marketing, some people socialize better online than in person. Especially those that are shy or somewhat timid. For individuals who find it easy to make friends and converse, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ offer really great ways to build relationships with others in an effort to potentially promote their products or services online. Again, anyone whether shy or outgoing can take advantage of this marketing strategy.

finding a marketig strategy

Finding A Marketing Strategy That Suites Your Skills

Internet marketers tend to focus on ways to promote their businesses in anyway possible, looking for the quick and easy way to make money online. But, if people would harness the power of their God-given talents to promote their business, then marketing online would be more fun rather than feeling like a part-time job. For example, for people who consider themselves good to great writers, writing on a blog is a really good marketing strategy to slowly, but steadily generate leads for your business. Do you know their are internet marketers out here who make thousands of dollars a month online due to their blog content and how well they write sales copy alone.

Another example of finding a marketing strategy to suit you in regards to writing would be article marketing. This strategy is working well for me in regards to creating back links to my content and having a good grasp on how article marketing works and how it should be done. You don’t have to be a best-selling author to write really good blog posts or articles, just have the ability to stay on topic, use proper sentence structure, avoid gramatikal errors and it never hurts to show a little humor in your writing to show personality. If you’re not a great or decent writer, I would recommend you outsourcing your blogging content or article marketing to a professional writer.

Finding A Marketing Strategy That Suits Your Wallet

Okay, for most of us this is a really important aspect of finding a marketing strategy to your liking, skill set, and personality. Everybody knows it takes money to make money. This holds some truth in the realm of internet marketing. Although there are some free ways of promoting your content online. The first two I’ve mentioned earlier in this article, socialfinding a marketing strategy media marketing, blogging, and article marketing are all free (if your using a free blogging site such as but there are also other ways to promote your business if you’re low on funds and looking for somewhere to start. Classified ads have been around for quite sometime and having the ability to write good copy (also stated earlier) helps in promoting your business using such free services as Craigslist and Backpage.

Having your promotions done by guest blogging and link exchange are also helpful for those trying to find a marketing strategy that’s easy on the novice internet marketer. Utilizing websites such as for offline marketing events is another great way to promote your business for free. Having your leads attend a Google+ hangout is yet another great free feature when finding a marketing strategy that doesn’t have a fee applied to it to use the service.

As you can see, finding a marketing strategy that suits you whether it’s your personality, skill set, or wallet is a good measuring stick on how successful your going to be. And remember, the rule of thumb is to focus on one or maybe even two different marketing strategies until you master them and then move on to conquer the next. The goal is to not make it so much of a chore to promote your products and services online. Find a marketing strategy is that is somewhat related to your skill set, talent, and/or personality.

If you have any other helpful tips and suggestions in finding a marketing strategy, please leave a comment here on the blog. I look forward to learning and sharing.


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