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Five Easy SEO Tips To Get You Noticed Online

SEO Tips 101

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since my last post. Wanted to give some more seo tips to help improve your search engine optimization efforts online and get you noticed. Many online marketers suffer due to either not performing any kind of SEO or not doing it correctly. With the recent changes such as Panda and Penguin to Google’s search engine algorithm, many network marketers have suffered from distributing poor quality back links and content to their websites and blogs only to be frowned upon by the major search engines, often lowering their page rank authority and dropping them from the first page of Google. I’m here to give some useful seo tips that will help new marketers gain a footing in getting their information to the masses in driving traffic to their sites and eventually converting that traffic into sales. These seo tips will keep you in the good graces of Google as you slowly fight your way to the first page. Check out my list below:

  1. XML Sitemap Submission – this seo tip is extremely important in getting your blog or website noticed. If you happen to use WordPress as your content management system, there a several awesome plug-ins that can help you submit your site map to the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You can think of submitting a sitemap as counting yourself present when Google conducts a role call and shows all your followed links to each search engine to ensure content is followed and seen.
  2. Building Links – This is very important in maximizing your search engine optimization efforts and generating traffic to your site. This seo tip is valuable in not only getting your site seen by others looking for your information, but helps to build relationships. There are generally two different types of links, inbound back links and internal links, both are needed to be successful with search engine optimization. Of all of the seo tips that I provide today, this is one that you really must follow to rank within each search engine. Having inbound links to your website or blog, especially from a website with a high authority page rank (between a PR3-PR6) helps to boost your authority by search engines. Having internal links is just as important, when you write quality content, it’s always best practice to provide links to other high authority sites.
  3. Learn Some Basic HTML – I know this might sound overwhelming, but really HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is not very hard to learn. Having the “know-how” to manipulate your website or blog coding can go along way in providing adequate seo to your site. I actually have an outstanding blog post on learning html that you can check out to give you a few pointers on HTML basics as seo tips.
  4. Choosing The Right Keywords – One of the most important seo tips I can ever give you, along with providing quality back links, would be to use targeted keywords for your website and blog content. I can’t tell you what difference this has made in my website’s optimization. Having a targeted keyword helps search engines find specific words or phrases typed by a individual looking for more information on that particular topic. There are many keyword generating tools that can assist you with the right keyword to target within the search engines to provide that targeted traffic of interested people looking for that one product or service you may have to offer. This seo tip can’t go ignored!
  5. Creating Unique Content – This is yet another important part in performing search engine optimization. If it’s one thing Google and the other search engines can’t stand is poorly written or plagiarized content. This could bury your online business quickly and could possibly get you into legal trouble depending on the severity. Search engines look for genuine content not found anywhere else on the Internet, this helps in not only building relationships and being seen as a professional in network marketing, but helps search engines better evaluate the quality of your content based on the information and keywords provided within your website or blog, which in turn, gets you ranked higher within the search engines.

All in all, these five seo tips are the building blocks of getting yourself ranked among all the major search engines and there fairly easy to do. I offer assistance to anyone needing advice concerning network marketing and search engine optimization. If you want to learn more seo tips or other network marketing info. Please leave me a comment below or subscribe to my RSS feed. I apologize for not posting for awhile, I recently got married and I’ve been fairly busy catering to my new wife. So again, please leave your comments on the blog, hit me on my Facebook fan page, or subscribe to my feed. Until next time.


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