Google Keyword Suggestions For Blog Posts

Google Keyword Suggestions That Guarantee Success

Since Google is the king of all major search engines, it’s obvious that you want to utilize Google keyword suggestions that will get your blog content rank high. So, I figure that I would write a quick post on some of the basic seo friendly keyword optimization tips needed to get you on your way to optimizing your content to get maximum exposure google keyword suggestionsusing the number one search engine. When starting a blog, the best way to get your content ranked is not only providing valuable content, but also learning how to optimize your blog post with focused keywords that will get you ranked in the search engines. There are many tools out there that will assist in finding the right target keyword for your specifically to your niche market and from my experience, I would definitely look toward tools as Market Samurai for Google keyword suggestions that target a specific market and get potential customers to your website or blog without pulling keyword or keyword phrases out of thin air, just to find out that the keywords chosen aren’t being searched in Google.

In this brief post, I’m going to go over some of the basics of how and where to place focused keywords once you have one. Many internet marketers follow these Google keyword suggestions religiously, and so they should. If you want to play and compete with the big boys and girls of network marketing, you have to get off the bench and get in the game. Below are five basic rules you should follow to optimize your content;

  • You want to use keywords in your post titles/URL – This is a very basic, but critical aspect of search engine optimization. This is key in having the Googlebot find your indexed site online and return to it once a specific keyword is searched.
  • Use keyword(s) in your sub-titles and post headings – When I first started blogging, this was something that I always forgot to do. Making sure that you include the keyword in your H1 heading is just as important as having it in your URL. This also helps Googlebot locate your website.
  • You want to place your keyword(s) at the beginning and end of your post content – In a recent post, I went over how important it is too have adequate keyword density. At minimum, you want your keyword(s) position at the beginning and the end of your blog content. You can also use variations of your keyword, which helps from being too redundant in your blog posts.
  • Use your keywords in and around links in your post – Another great Google keyword suggestion is to have your keywords as actual anchor text when creating outbound links on your site. For example, if your keyword was ‘keyword research’, you could easily create an outbound link using the phrase’ keyword research’, instead of the traditional ‘click here’.
  • Use keywords to name your images – This is a really great way to have Google crawl your photos and videos. Googlebot loves these because they’re considered quality content and helps dramatically increase your page rank in Google and other major search engines.

These five keyword suggestions by Google are simple, but easy tips to get you ranked. This should be second ONLY to creating high quality content and content that can be viewed as valuable to others looking for the same information. Remember, please feel free to contact me via email or leave a comment below for more marketing tips and strategies.

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