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Google Plus Is An Internet Marketer’s Playground

As I’m fairly new to the whole social media marketing niche and after including it in my Google_plus2internet marketing arsenal, there is one particular site that could prove to be even more valuable than Facebook in the years to come. Google Plus is a very successful attempt by the search engine giants that uses the social media platform made famous by Facebook to allow individuals online to share information and content such as providing links, statuses, photos, and videos to others online.

Google Plus Offers Benefits Unlike Most Social Media Sites

Although not as popular as Facebook,yet! Google plus offers many of the same features and services as it’s Facebook and Twitter counterparts. But there are some distinguishing differences especially for internet marketers when utilizing Google Plus for marketing purposes. In this article, I want to focus on a couple benefits just to give you an idea and my take on how Google plus may soon be the social media site of choice for internet marketers.

First, Google plus is great from a search engine optimization perspective. Google is still the top dog when it comes to search engines and what better way to achieve a high rank within the SERPs than to post content to Google’s social media website. Every time you post something to your Google plus page and people click on your link, this gives you valuable dofollow back links back to your website or content that you’re attempting to rank.

If you really think about it, Google plus would be the go to marketing site as far as establishing page rank because Google owns the site. Much like using YouTube, which is another site own by Google, having your videos published within Youtube offers really good link juice for people who decide to click on your link after viewing your video. This works the same using Google plus.

Another great reason to consider Google Plus for your marketing is that it offers many various apps that can be used to drive your business. Applications such as Google Voice, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools are all tools that I use in conjunction with my blog and Google Plus when it comes to internet marketing and metrics tracking. google_plus3Google Plus gives you a valuable social media platform that will allow you to enhance your Internet marketing reach while providing the ability to centrally administer all of your Google applications using one username and password. With so many people using either Google or Google applications, it’s very hard to avoid Google as billions of people each day use these apps to conduct business, communicate among friends, and sharing information online.

Tell me what you think about the advantages or disadvantages of using Google Plus. I really would like to get some feedback on how you use Google+ in your internet marketing business. If you have a questions, please feel free to leave them here on the blog or use the Contact Me tab to email your questions.


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