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Having The Mindset For MLM Success

Motivational Factors That Drive MLM Success

Being a network marketer these days requires a number of attributes to achieve mlm success in an ever growing, competitive industry. Each day thousands of people make the ultimate decision of breaking away from the everyday 9-5 grind of a job which sometimes offers meager wages and salaries, long hours and mounds of stress. With the current state of the economy and unemployment at an all time high, especially among the middle class, many individuals are forced to live paycheck to paycheck or forced to re-educated themselves in mlm successdifferent fields which are striving in today’s economy such as technology and engineering. For many people, re-enrolling in college can be an intimidating and expensive ordeal with the rising costs in higher education, not to mention the astronomical amount of student loan debts that current graduates are faced with while having difficulty finding a job post-graduation. But with the development of new technologies coupled with the Internet, many individuals are looking to network marketing as a solution to their economic problems.

Put Your CEO Hat On

When I first started in network marketing I was at a crossroads with my career and wondered where I saw myself ten years down the road. Was I really going to be happy living paycheck to paycheck and feeling over-worked and under-paid? I started to ask myself those questions, until I read a book by Robert Kyosaki called Rich Dad, Poor Dad which changed my outlook on my self worth and helped me focus on setting financial goals that I had set for myself for the future. I began learning more about internet marketing and various marketing strategies and techniques that industry leaders were using to achieve success. I had a special interest in multilevel marketing (MLM) and how to achieve MLM success using search engine optimization and learning various MLM opportunities to align myself with that would help me in achieving the success in MLM that I was hoping for. Many people I spoke with tried to discourage me in joining a multilevel marketing program. They all would say, ” MLM is just a pyramid scheme to get your money. You’ll invest thousands of dollars in start-up costs only to walk away with nothing.” But I often wondered why people referred to MLM marketing as a pyramid scheme.But I began to think to myself, aren’t we all (we being the working class) part of a pyramid scheme? We spend 8, 10, or even 12 hours a day working for a company designed to generate revenue for a CEO and/or shareholders which don’t even know you exist. I often think to myself, you’re the one getting swindled, but not everyone has the motivation to take action.

Unfortunately, there have been companies setup only to swindle money away from people looking for a financial solution to their problems, but today there are a number of different legitimate multilevel marketing programs that offer great compensation packages and marketing techniques designed to help you achieve success. Achieving this type of MLM success requires individuals to change their mindsets from an employee to an entrepreneur in the field of multilevel marketing. Having the right business mindset hinges on being focused in achieving the end goal of eventually ‘firing your boss’ and living the life that you’ve always dreamed of for your family. But what does it really take to be successful in mlm marketing. Here are some general attributes required to ‘survive’ in the trenches of network marketing:

  1. Dedication – I believe the number one key attribute of having mlm success is through dedication and focusing on learning the fundamentals of marketing techniques and strategies. Take Olympic athletes for example, many of these individuals, started training in their respective events at a very young age spending countless hours practicing to one day eventually qualify to participate in the biggest international sports competition in the world. The dedication required to become an Olympian is no different than in network marketing. Although learning network mlm successmarketing techniques aren’t taught as a child, the concept is the same as both athletes and marketers must learn the basics and be willing to dedicate themselves in applying what they’ve learned to achieve success.
  2. Trainable – Often times, stepping into an unfamiliar territory can be intimidating. The ability to listen and take direction is of utmost importance when it comes to having mlm success and achieving your financial dreams in network marketing. There are many marketing coaches online that can steer you in the right direction when it comes to implementing a plan of action in building your online business. Having a coach or mentor is not only a great way to learn new marketing concepts, but allows you to build a relationship by having the ability to network with others and get yourself known throughout the network marketing community.
  3. Willing To Take Risks – Many of the most successful people in the world at one point in time had to make a decision about where they wanted and where they wanted to be financially. This often times comes with having to take a chance on something that may or may not have some risk involved. Of course you would practice due diligence by doing some research to help form your decision, but focus, dedicated entrepreneurs look to see what the risks are and weighs them to better determine an decision. Some individuals throw caution to the wind and rely on their instincts as to whether or not a business is worth pursuing. Remember, pick your battles carefully when it comes to building your business!
  4. Think Like A CEO – One of the most important attributes about running a business is all about MAKING A PROFIT or your bottom line. Having the mindset of a CEO helps you to evaluate your business and make cost effective decisions when it comes to maintaining your business. This principle is the same for network marketing as you want to build your business the most cost-effective way possible. Free is always a better option, but not always the best option. Paid services may offer other advantages, but you must weigh the cost-effectiveness and ROI (return on investment) of using these services to gain a better footprint in building your online presence and staying there.

Having the right mindset for MLM success is detrimental to achieving financial freedom and breaking free from the ‘rat-race’ of working 40+ hours a more a week making someone else rich for 40+ years. Unfortunately, not everyone possess all of these attributes nor have the willingness to work hard for what they want. But with the right amount of dedication, focus, and willingness to learn and take risks, you can achieve unlimited MLM success in no time.

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