how to drive traffic to your blog

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Driving Traffic To Your Blog = More Potentials Leads = More Money!

As a network marketer, I’ve learned over the years that to truly be successful in this industry takes a strong understanding on how to drive traffic to your blog and most importantly how to keep the interest of your readers by having them repeatedly visit your blog. No network marketer can exist without learning the basic fundamentals of search engine optimization and syndication, especially for those of us that rely heavily on blogging to build our online presence, but there are other ways for online entrepreneurs to market both their primary opportunities and various affiliate programs to maximize monetary gains through blogging. In this blog post, I’m going to share some of my techniques that I use that will show you how to drive traffic to you blog, maximizing exposure and eventually over time, help you gain market advantage in building rank among the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing and get people to take interest into your primary or affiliate opportunities. I plan to make this post the first of a three part post, some techniques you may already be familiar with and some may be familiar or new to you especially if you’re a novice as a network marketer. And don’t get me wrong, I’m very open to learning new techniques from others, so if you have some other examples or techniques to share, I encourage you to comment on this post. I hope some of these techniques can help you in your future marketing endeavors.

Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

First of all, there are many different ways to market your blog posts and get noticed by the top search engines in the world, but learning the techniques that work best for you and your niche blog is the million dollar question. Some of these techniques that I will share showing you how to drive traffic to your blog, may or may not work for your particular niche blog in generating traffic and building a massive online presence, but applying each of these techniques won’t hurt in helping your blog rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing and hopefully will get the right people to your niche blog. Here is a short list of five popular ways to get your blog out there and shared to the world in getting traffic to your blog. Let’s begin:

  1. Write Killer Content – I know this may sound obvious, but you’d be surprise how many blogs on the web look great in appearance with flashy graphics, bold colors, and images that seem to jump off the page, but what readers are really interested in is what type of content does your blog offer and does it offer any solution or tips to a problem they may be experiencing or does it answer a question about a particular marketing strategy or tool. Having good content is paramount in determining the success of a blog.
  2. Use Pictures/Images in Your Blog Posts – This is always a good rule of thumb when creating posts to your blog. Images help readers visualize what the content is explaining and sometimes helps readers to better understand the concept of your post. Note: It’s also a good idea to name your images with your selected keywords using the ‘Alt’ field for SEO purposes, as search engines web crawl images as well as content when ranking sites and blogs.
  3. Syndicate Your Blog Post Using Syndication Apps Such as Onlywire – I highly recommend this technique as syndicating your blog posts allows you to share your posts with various different social media sites with one click of the button and helps others not only read your blog, but also allows them to share your blog with others. This technique alone is golden! Click on the image below to sign up with OnlyWire.

how to drive traffic to your blog

 Or click here to download the WP Syndicator plug-in for WordPress.

4. Put Videos On Your Blog – This technique can be an excellent way of getting RSS Graffitipeople interested in your primary opportunity and is a good visual aid in explaining various programs, services, and tools that are used in your particular niche. Also by making videos of yourself, readers can better connect with you through your personality through videos as opposed to written words. In other words, it puts a face with a name. Helps readers better relate to you and your content.

5. Leave comments on other blogger’s post – This technique helps in building a relationship with that blogger and also gives you visibility to others who may be posting on that same blog post. Network marketing is basically about building relationships with others on the net and by leaving comments while leaving your blog URL helps others get to know you and your content better.

These are just five techniques I currently use to drive traffic to my blog and I have several more that I will share on upcoming posts, but I really want to help others make money by showing them simple techniques on how to drive traffic to your blog and allowing others to share information here on my blog on different techniques they are using to get traffic and generate leads. I will post several more of these tips, so please subscribe to my RSS feed ( yet another technique) to get the latest information on my blog. I hope to help others and learn as well.


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