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How To Install RSS Graffiti To Your Facebook FanPage

Syndicate Your Blog Posts Automatically

As a network marketer, you want to be able to share your content to others looking for solutions to various problems. But, what if you could share your blog content with millions of Facebook users with one click of the ‘Publish’ button. Well, I want you to show you an exciting app that allows you to provide a free RSS feed to your Facebook personal or fan page automatically with one click of a button. I am going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to put your blogs on “auto-post’ to syndicate your blog content to Facebook so other Facebook users, whether friends, family, groups or the general public can view your post to build relationships online and eventually,drive traffic to your website or blog for potential leads and customers to your website or blog.

How To Install RSS Graffiti on Facebook

Like I stated earlier, the best way to get your blog post out to the most popular social media site on the planet using a free RSS feed is through the use of an app called RSS Graffiti. I’ve used this app for several months now and just wanted to share it with others looking for an free way to share their content through social media sites, as there are other applications and software available online that offer to syndicate content, but usually come with a price associated with the service.  For those who are not familiar on how to install apps on Facebook, I will show how to install the app and get your posts automatically syncing content using RSS Graffiti. Check out the video provided below on how to install the RSS Graffitit app to your Facebook page.

RSS Graffiti can help today’s network marketers in getting their blog and website post out to their social media sites. This free RSS feed tool can also be used with your Twitter account as well. If you want more information about RSS Graffiti and how it can enhance your social media presence online,click here to go to the RSS Graffiti homepage and leave a comment on this blog on how the tool is enhancing your business.


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