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How To Promote Your Blog And Build Your Downline

One of the most common questions I get asked on social media from those who are new to blogging is how to get their blogs more online exposure. In this article, I want to share some good advice on how to promote your blog online to not only get more exposure, but to help to build your brand online and build your downline.

In my opinion, blogging is one of the most difficult forms of marketing, but can also be one how to promote your blogof the most rewarding. The reason why I say this is because being a blogger requires you to really know what you are talking about within your niche. Being able to write about a specific topic of interest on a daily basis can be challenging for some, but for those who are literary scholars that enjoy writing,it only makes sense to consider blogging as a way to make money and generate traffic for leads.

But having quality content is only half the battle, knowing how to promote your blog is the other half. Having people waiting for content to be published is a sign of a blog that is recognized as being relevant, trustworthy, and legitimate. Those three attributes are the perfect recipe for bloggers to gain online exposure and generate leads to their business.

Once that is established, knowing how to promote your blog is what you must focus on to get your content noticed. Below are six really great marketing tips to help you in promoting your blog. The main theme in promoting your blog is through blog syndication. These tips should help in getting your blog more traffic to potentially increase your optins and convert more sales:

1. Make use of press release sites, one really good site that I happen to discover is HARO (Help A Reporter Out). This site is a really great way in getting your blog out there by answering queries about certain topics as a source referencing your blog url. I’ve recently registered with this site and has helped me in not only gaining more exposure, but increasing my pagerank as a back link.

2. Triberr is another useful site which allows bloggers to communicate and network with each other to assist in promoting different products and services, or even sharing how to promote your bloginformation. This has helped me increase traffic to my blog dramatically. One really nice thing about Triberr is that it works off your blog’s RSS feed. I’m a big fan of automation, so this works out great for me. By building relationships with other bloggers, you can increase your audience reach exponentially. Don’t forget to add my blog as part of your tribe. You can find my profile here.

3. Another useful tips in knowing how to promote your blog is by taking advantage of social media. One tool that I’ve been using for years is a Facebook app called RSS Graffiti. RSS Graffiti is an application that allows you to publish your blog content straight to your Facebook fanpage automatically. I’ve been using this tool for several years now and I’ve even been contacted by the developers who thanked me for doing such a good job providing a RSS Graffiti video tutorial.

4. Using sites like Hootsuite is another great way to get your content noticed online. You can find hundreds of potential leads using this site to help you build relationships with others on social media.

5. Including your blog url within your email signature is another great way to build awareness to others who may have some interest in learning more about your particular niche. You would be amazed on how well this helps in promoting your blog content.

6. Another neat little trick in how to promote your blog is re-purposing your content. (I could write another post on this alone, lol!) Re-purposing your content is taking a written blog and converting that blog article to a Youtube video or creating a pdf and sharing it on document sharing sites such as DocStoc or Scribd. And yes, there is an app for that! I currently use AVR (Article Video Robot) to convert my articles into videos, which also helps with search engine optimization by providing quality back links.

So there are six really good ways on how to promote your blog content online. I hope you found this article beneficial as I’ve seen drastic improvements in blog traffic using these techniques, which is a major obstacle if you plan to monetize your blog. Internet marketing is a numbers game and the more eyes that see and read your blog content, the more likely your chances of obtaining optins and potential sales.

If you have any other methods or tips in how to promote your blog, please leave a comment here on my blog. Until next time!

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