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If you’re new or an experienced Internet marketer you know that getting leads is critical in determining your success online. With the IM Global COOP, which is short for IM Global COOPCo-operative, Internet and network marketers alike can provide leadership within their down lines to help others looking to generate leads for their business. But what exactly is the IM Global COOP and how does utilizing this valuable marketing resource help you look like a leader within the IM Global community. These questions and more will be answered in this blog post.

How The IM Global COOP Establishes You As A Leader

Not many novice Internet marketers have heard of a COOP and aren’t sure exactly how it’s used. As with any marketing strategy, the IM Global COOP is a lead rotator that allows marketers to share the marketing expenses in an effort to generate more leads that are distributed among all of the members within the COOP. This is a fairly new and innovative strategy to allow experienced Internet marketers help those who are not experienced in generating leads for their business. The IM Global COOP acts in the same manner as members with an Elite membership within the IM Global community can initiate and invite other IM Global members within their down-line to participate in a lead generating COOP. This is very effective, not only helping you to generate more leads for your business, but also allows others to see you as a proactive leader serious in helping them succeed in this very competitive industry.

Having others perceive you as a leader is of utmost importance. People will soon start looking for you as a leader, instead of you looking for leads. They will virtually come to you overnight if they know you will help them grow their business online. The IM Global COOP is one of the best features provided in the IM Global community. I’ve paid several hundred dollars per month just to be part of a co-operative only to be disappointed by the amount of leads I received and more importantly, the cost of each lead. For more information on the IM Global COOP and the various other marketing tools designed to generate leads, please check out the FREE IM Global 30 Day Challenge.


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