IMGlobal Pre-Launch Hangout

IMGlobal Public Launch Is Approaching

Hello everyone, just got off the IMGlobal pre-launch hangout hosted by CEO and co-founder Joel Putland and I simply have to say that you can’t miss this opportunity to promote your business and build your brand online. Joel goes over the various marketing tools, technology and training that’s needed to build your business and brand online. If you haven’t heard of IMGlobal, you REALLY need to check this system out. Most importantly, what IMGlobal brings to the table will help you achieve your financial goals no matter what marketing niche you are currently or aspiring to use to build your brand online. Whether it’s generating leads using a viral blogging system, email and video marketing, direct sales marketing, offline print marketing, or article marketing, IMGlobal does all of this and SO MUCH MORE! I’ve been with IMGlobal for the last three months and since then, I’ve been not only generating leads on auto-pilot, but I’m converting those leads into profitable sales. This alone is worth the price of getting started with the IMGlobal marketing community.

Join IMGlobal While Still In Pre-Launch

I can’t stress enough how IMGlobal is changing people’s lives not only here in the United States, but all over the world. I believe if you truly want to succeed in this very competitive industry called internet marketing, you have to arm yourself with the tools you need for your toolbox to build the type of lifestyle you’ve always wanted for your family. But unlike most internet marketing businesses that you’ve joined before, you’re in competition with everyone else within that company competing for leads. Not with IMGlobal, everyone who joins within this co-operative community aren’t competing against each other, but helping each other in increasing the monthly revenue shares that are distributed every month. So your not in business by yourself, you make money from others who are sponsoring people into IMGlobal. This is really powerful stuff and you can’t afford to miss out on this exclusive offer right now prior to the IMGlobal public launch.

IMGlobal Kickoff Hangout

Wanted to share the IMGlobal Pre-Launch hangout with you to show the power of the IMGlobal co-operative community. In this Google hangout, Joel goes over some of the new features, promotions and system changes for the upcoming Global domination marketing phase of the IMGlobal community. Below, I’ve included the recorded IMGlobal pre-launch hangout. If you’re serious about making money online and building your business, the IMGlobal community is the way to go. Check out the video and click on the link below to join!

Check out my short video tour of the IMGlobal co-operative system below!

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