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Hello again, I wanted to take some time to share some information on the new all-in-one network marketing system called IM Global. This marketing system offers so much valuable marketing information and can help brand you online whether your a newbie or an experienced professional in this competitive industry known as network marketing. IM Global is a powerful marketing tool specifically designed to build your brand online using various popular marketing techniques and tools used by professionals to get more exposure online to their website and/or blog content. If you’ve been in the game for awhile, you know that most network marketing programs are designed to generate income using some other person’s brand. I’m here to tell you that the IM Global system doesn’t rely on some network marketing guru’s name to help build your brand, it has built in marketing tools ( which are included within the IM Global system) to help you build your brand by giving you special marketing tips, strategies, and training that are easy to understand and designed to put you on the front page on the major search engines such as Google and Bing in a matter of days. You really want to take some time to take a look at the program as of the day of this post, IM Global is in a Pre-Launch stage and hasn’t been introduced to the masses. As with any new product or service, getting in at pre-launch is huge and can help you position yourself even further not only in building your down-line within the company, but also puts you in a good position as far as the compensation plan. IM Global is an amazing product and below I will show you exactly what it has to offer.

What You Get When You Join The IM Global Community

When you join the IM Global community you will receive a great deal of marketing tools to get you started in building your online presence and generate traffic to your website or blog. Below I wanted to share some of the tools and resources offered to you when you get started with IM Global:

  1. An Authority Blog and Network – This is a very powerful tool and will help you provide online content to help generate traffic and build your lists. Not tech savvy, no worries, with the IM Global blogging system, everything is setup for you once you join. This alone is worth the money.
  2. Ultimate Personal Branding Suite – Like I mentioned earlier, IM Global works to build your business and brand, not some other owner or guru looking to strengthen their brand using your marketing labor.
  3. Multilingual Global Platform – This is new to me, I’ve never seen a system that translates to so many countries to help grow your business as IM Global.
  4. Social Media Synchronization Suite – this tool will help you automate and dominate the powerful marketing platform of social media using almost social media site you can think of to help syndicate your content and build your brand.
  5. Video Email Suite – helps you to build relationships using video marketing. Another very powerful tool within the IM Global tool kit.
  6. Capture Page creator – I couldn’t believe this system offers a way for you to customize your capture pages to help build your marketing list. A high converting capture page is critical to building your brand online.
  7. Banner Creator – Banners are made to help promote your primary business opportunity and are provided for you within IM Global.
  8. Become An Owner – Something I’ve never seen before is that you can actually become an Co-Owner of IM Global by earning shares within the program. This sold me on the program even more so.
  9. Opt-in forms, Auto-responder suite, SMS text and so much more that I can’t even list here that helps brand YOU as a marketing guru using IM Global.
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Join My IM Global Power Team and Upgrade Today!

If you’re serious about getting into network marketing or maybe you’re already in and having difficulties get your business off the ground. IM Global is a sure-fire way to have you seen as the network marketing expert online. I joined the company on May 1st, and the very next day, I had 70 people in my power team! Take the IM Global 30-Day Challenge Today and see for yourself what the system has to offer. The page is kind of cheesy with the puppet, but it’s effective. I assure you that this is an legitimate program designed to help you grow your business. If you have any questions, please leave a comment here on the blog!


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