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Internet Marketing Strategies With Keywords

Internet Marketing Strategies Using SEO

Hello everyone, wanted to do a quick post of different internet marketing strategies that I think is crucial to driving traffic to your blog or website which is learning the basics of search engine optimization and getting your blog/website ranked on the first page of Google. Many network marketers will tell you not to concern yourself with the technicalities of search engine optimization, but truth be told, you really need to understand some of the fundamentals of how to position yourself to get your content ranked high among Google.

With the recent changes in Google’s search engine optimization standards, network marketers should be very concerned about not only getting to the first page of Google, but more importantly, how to stay there. One of the most importat internet marketing strategies I’m going to share with you is keyword optimization and having ample keyword density in your content.

The Importance of Keyword Optimization and Keyword Density

I know I’ve covered this in a previous post, but I really want to drive home how important finding a relevant keyword is to fully optimize your content and get it seen by individuals looking for your content online. Although, there are other internet marketing strategies that you must learn, finding the right keyword is of utmost importance and will help you to establish yourself as a internet marketing expert when it comes to search engine optimization.Over the past few weeks I’ve been using an amazing keyword internet marketing strategiesoptimization tool call Market Samurai, which is an all-in-one keyword optimization research tool that helps you not only to determine relevant keyword terms to use, but also helps to find keywords that have high levels of traffic, low to medium competition, and a high level of commerciality.Did you know that 90% of keywords used by network marketers don’t produce any results in the search engines. That’s because people aren’t really searching for those keywords and this can be frustrating for many looking to build their brand online.

Below, I’ve provided a brief seo tutorial on how Market Samuraican help you find relevant keywords that will unlock the full potential when optimizing your blog posts or websites with keywords that are actually being searched for on Google. Novice internet marketers should really look to tools such as Market Samurai as a good internet marketing strategy to increase their online presence and generate targeted traffic.

Once you find a relevant keyword to use, the next step is learning how to provide an acceptable percentage of keyword density within your blog posts. Keyword density is defined a ratio of how often your keyword is mentioned in your posts compared to the entire word count in your blog post. On average, a blog post consists of anywhere from 300-600 words. A good marketing strategy is to have your keyword(s) written every 100 words within your post, some Word press plug-ins will actually calculate your keyword density percentage, which should be anywhere from 1.5%-3%. You don’t want to over saturate your post with too many keywords as search engines such as Google frown upon keyword overkill. This is one of the key internet marketing strategies that helps Google crawl your content and find your keywords for a better page rank.

I hope that the seo tutorial showing how to find relevant keywords proves useful to you. This tool helps in saving you hours of time and hard work when creating content to your blog by helping you focus on keywords that will drive targeted traffic to your blog. I would strongly encourage you to register and download this tool. There’s even a 12-day free trial when you first register with Market Samurai. Of all the different internet marketing strategies, using tools such as Market Samurai will get you indexed and ranked quickly to drive traffic to your content. Take some time to check out Market Samurai and for any reason you don’t see a change in your ranking, you can discontinue use with no charge to you. If you’ve been using Market Samurai or just recently downloaded it, leave a comment here on my blog and let me know how you like it and how has it helped your page rank in Google. And for more information on different internet marketing strategies, please subscribe to my RSS feed and keep up to date with my latest blog posts. I hope this helps!

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