Marketing Sales Funnel That Converts

Marketing Sales Funnel That Converts

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Hi people, Greg here and today we’re talking about how you can create leads for your consulting and training company using a marketing sales funnel.

One of the most common questions my clients ask me is how they can produce high ticket leads for their business. A number of them think that if they spend thousands of dollars on Facebook on advertising and they will drive traffic to their website.

They will get a great deal of sales but unfortunately it doesn’t take place since it’s not easy to convert cold traffic into paying consumers immediately rather you should focus how you can combine your marketing and sales abilities to produce more leads for your business.

So you’ve become aware of the term which is called a marketing sales funnel why it’s called funnel since it’s wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

marketing sales funnel

So a marketing sales funnel is type of method that helps you to transform your potential customers into paying customers so on top you have cold traffic and at the bottom you have actually committed clients.

So your task is to convert all traffic into paying consumers at the top of the funnel nobody knows about you other than of your family and friends, so it is essential to get your name out there.

Start developing your trustworthiness by developing some buzz around your brand if you’re a coach, consultant, or personal trainer you should begin considering building your personal brand and develop your social media presence.

You need to think what your audience would be interested in and produce content for them, not for yourself at the beginning, but you should make sure to produce a gorgeous website and do not spend a lot of money.

Simply create a stunning landing page and use a free lead magnet in which you give your audience something of value for free in return for their contact details. This what makes a marketing sales funnel beneficial when building your brand online.

For instance, if you are individual trainer you can use a free training session or if you are legal representative or a doctor you can offer a totally free consultation so once people register for your free offer in exchange for their contact information such as their email address.

You can start constructing your email list and this will be the first point of contact with your consumers in the middle of the funnel.

As soon as you acquire an e-mail addresses and contact details of your potential customers you need to begin an automated e-mail marketing campaign and continue interaction using your brand name and continue building trust and at the bottom of the funnel.

When people understand more about you then they trust you more you can run a webinar for instance if you’re personal trainer the webinar can be about how to lose 10 pounds within one month.

However it is essential to close a webinar with a call to action with the sale. I want to emphasize that you need to offer as much value throughout the webinar as possible due to the fact that when individuals enjoy your webinar and they get so much value from it they will buy your high ticker product and you have more possibilities to transform your potential customers into purchasing clients.

When you build that system you optimize it you start producing leads on autopilot and that’s how online coaching and consulting organizations work which’s how they reach six or perhaps seven-figures per year.

Using a marketing sales funnel helps in what is commonly known as the LKT method, which is Like, Know, Trust. Learning how to properly utilize the LKT method, you will convert your visitors into first time and reoccurring customers.

The key to building a successful marketing sales funnel is learning how to present your lead magnet to your target audience. There are several different types of sales funnels that can be used when building your email list.

These various funnels should be used in the right context.

For example, there is what the most common type of funnel, which is an affiliate marketing funnel that is designed to not only get you the lead, but can also present your lead with an affiliate offer at the same time.

After learning the different types of marketing sales funnels and how to apply them, I began to see a drastic increase in my lead conversion and sales conversions.

Prior to learning the correct way to build a sales funnel, my lead conversion numbers who low, seeing only about a 3% conversion rate. But once I learned how to setup a sales funnel the correct way, my conversion rate has increase upwards of 10-15% and growing.

If you want to learn the correct way on how to build a successful marketing sales funnel, I know of a really great training course where the instructor shows you step-by-step on how to create a proper marketing funnel designed to increase conversion rates.

This is one of the best marketing sales funnel courses out there and I’m sure that you will find the course invaluable in learning marketing and funnels.

The course I’m talking about is called Funnelize by JayKay Dowdal. I’ve been a follower of JayKay for awhile now and I must say, he never dissappoints when it comes to his training course.

benefits of sales funnel

Within Funnelize, JayKay will guide you through 8 different funnel variations you can use in your business to get you more leads and sales no matter what business model you use.

If your an internet marketing newbie or experienced marketer, the training within the Funnelize course is valuable knowledge to apply to your online business.

Click here to learn more about Funnelize and learn the best sales marketing funnels to make money and increase leads and conversions the best way.

Make sure to comment below if you have any questions on building marketing sales funnels to increase your business.


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