Micro-branding Techniques To Build Your Brand

Micro-branding Is The Best Way To Build Your Brand

Home base businesses are quickly becoming popular among individuals looking to make microbrandingextra money online, whether to replace their existing income or just to supplement their current income. But one thing aspiring online entrepreneurs must consider is having the ability to brand themselves as a leader in internet marketing. One form of branding, known as micro-branding is a really great way to establish yourself as that leader or mentor in the business.

Micro-branding 101

Micro-branding is the ability to engage and mentor your personal network of people that join your business.This is basically targeted branding to your private network.  Macro-branding is the opposite of macro-branding, where you’re trying to advertise your product to the masses in an effort to get people to join your business. Many business opportunity stress the importance of macro-branding in getting your opportunity in front of as many people online, but practicing micro-branding techniques are the key in keeping your sponsored individuals who decide to join the business under you.

These micro-branding techniques will ensure that you provide value and leadership to your down line and in most cases, will sponsor more people into your business by word of mouth and referrals;

  1. Consistently pinging your down line – I know this is elementary to most experienced network marketers, but to those who are newbies to this industry, this is of critical importance. By consistently emailing and/or calling your down line helps individuals within your down line to perceive you as someone who cares about helping them build their brand and promote their business online.
  2. Fairly inexpensive compared to macro-branding – Unlike macro-branding where your trying to get people to join your business, micro-branding involves very minimal cost, if any at all.
  3. Allow you to focus on one person – Micro-branding offers the perfect opportunity for you to provide one on one mentoring with people within your down line. This helps in building your reputation as a leader in the internet marketing industry.
  4. Requires message frequency – This attribute is shared with macro-branding when it comes to providing follow up messages and keeping your down lines focused by consistently engaging them without letting too much time pass. This micro-branding technique is required to achieve not only success for your down line, but brands you as a leader. Micro-branding in a nutshell is establishing yourself as a leader in online marketing or any other industry.

As you can see, micro-branding is the fundamental method needed to sustain a down line in internet marketing. Practicing these techniques will consistently get you positive feedback from your down line and will encourage others to join your business as well. Hope you found this information useful.


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