network marketing tips

Network Marketing Tips

Network Marketing Tips That Will Get You Noticed

To be successful as a network marketer, there are several things one must do to drive traffic to their site to generate quality leads to get them to purchase whatever product you are selling. Below I have listed eight general tips that may help you, as a network marketer, regardless of what opportunity you are selling to boost your sales and fatten your pockets. Follow these key ingredients and your recipe for success will be insight!!!

Tip #1: Collect leads – This has to be the first thing that must happen if you plan on having a successful network marketing business. Having the ability to generate good quality  leads helps in drive serious potential buyers to your website and potentially knocking at your door to join your primary business. There are many ways to do this, from the use of social media (ie..Facebook, Twitter, Myspace) to solo and classified ads or article or email marketing. Find a niche that best suits you and master it!

Tip #2: Offer something different – Meaning offer something that sells itself apart from the competition. Explain how your product is either the cheapest, smallest, or highest quality compared to your competition.  You also want to build eminance for yourself and your product. In other words, build a good public relations by donating to a charity on behalf of a product and use this as a sponsored story as people resonate with stories, and look for ways to join into larger stories already taking place.

Tip#3: Perfect the presentation– Similar to the culinary arts, the presentation of the food is just as important as how well it tastes. You want to present your sales pitch in a variety of different formats to see which is most effective. For example, using  a sales letter format or testimonials from past or current customers can help show off your product and draw attention from potential buyers looking to get into your primary business.

Tip #4: Offer discounts – Offering a special, limited time only discount helps to draw people into your sales pitch and often times requires an expedited call to action that if properly optimized should create a knee-jerk reaction to the potential buyer causing them to immediately opt-in. This is called “sweetening the deal”!!

Tip #5: Know Your Market– This is vital to all network marketers in knowing what market they are attempting to target to sell their product or service. Valuable time and money can be easily flushed down the toilet if you don’t have a targeted market to show your classifieds and marketing campaigns too. If always want to be aware of who you want to view your marketing too.

Tip#6: Focus – Don’t concentrate on selling all of your products at once. Some online retailers even recommend only featuring one product on the homepage. Don’t attempt to overload the consumer with too many different products at one time. Your initial concern is to get their attention and make them want to learn more about all your products, so keep it simple, but too the point.

Tip#7: Always show benefits, not features – Incorporating benefits of the products far outweighs the many different features. Sure you can list the features, but make sure you point out all the benefits as to why the consumer should purchase this product or use this service compared to other similiar services.

Tip#8Last, but not least, keep testing! – What I mean by this is you always want to test a variety of different marketing techniques. Whether you conduct a split test on your websites, or use different ad copy for your Facebook PPC ads, or even different photo images. Make sure you can track and test the effectiveness of each ad, article, website, or sales funnel used. This will help you become a more efficient, cost effective marketer saving you time and money and potentially higher conversion rates. Good Luck.

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