on-page search engine optimization

On-Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

 Blog syndication helps you to make your blog content available to one or more sites. Your blog feeds will be available from your site to other sites. Syndication is essential for your blog and the website that uses it. On page-search engine optimization on the other hand is important for your inbound marketing strategy and allows you or your business to be found easily.

Ways to implement on-page search engine optimization:

Use of Title tags
A title tag is very important because it offers information to various search engines about any page or post that you come up with. In fact, just like the title of a book it gives an overview of what your page is about. Ensure that the title tags you choose can describe your page. It is good to have a title tag that has 70 characters or less. This should include the name of your business, brand name and a keyword that relates to your page. Always focus on placing the most important keywords first on your title tag and the keywords used must be unique. Search engines like Google will only select those pages with outstanding title tags. Readers will get attracted to unique keywords that are short and precise.

Meta Descriptions 
These are like mini synopsis that gives general information on what your webpage is about. This is usually that short description that will appear under a website the moment you search. The description should focus on detail and not be too long. It should also mention the keyword because that is what will attract audience to your page. You can never go wrong with the correct Meta description because it is what draws readers to your website from SERP.

Image descriptions
Images can be used in search engines, hence the other way to implement your on-page search engine optimization is using the correct image that describes your page. Search engines usually understand the tags your associate your image with. Besides, you can on-page search engine optimizationcreate a proper filename when uploading an image. Search engines require that you use your own unique images that will make your page stand out. There are some sites where the owner permits other users to use his image so you can take advantage of this. On the other hand, you might have to pay a small fee in order to get the best image for your page that will attract a larger audience.

Tips to improve Google Ranking using on-page techniques

On-page search engine optimization if used effectively will help you rank among the top and assist you greatly in online marketing. This is because it is more effective than off-page search engine optimization. The tips explained below are quite helpful for you to improve your Google rankings using on page techniques.

Include content first
Your content must be relevant and it must always come first on your website. The best content for your site should be original in terms of images, videos, presentations or articles. In fact you should never publish your own content that you have ever used on another site. If you opt to use non-text content such as videos and images ensure that you include some text to describe that. It is important to carry out thorough research on content before you proceed to publish it. In most cases preference is given to long articles that are explained well.

Use of proper page titles, description and formatting
Search engines usually focus a lot on the titles and description of your page to determine where to rank it. You should give a unique title that enables search engines and other users to understand clearly what your page is all about. The page description should have a maximum of 160 characters and it should be able to advertise your page well. It is very important to format your page and any text you include must be relevant. It is important to note that, you can use images, but they should not be so many that it takes long to load your page.

Consider a proper URL structure
This entails four main parts that one has to bear in mind. Firstly, when it comes to permanent links the URL should have less than 255 characters and always use hyphens to separate various [arts of your URL. Secondly, it is essential to group your pages into various categories so that search engines and other users can locate your page with ease. The other important part is the breadcrumb because it enables users to navigate your site in a certain way. The fourth part is the user sitemap which is quite important for it represents the structure of your site.

Provide link to pages within your website
This is an important tip because it enables you build your web. Users can read more on your page if you have links that are easy to access. Use of links will help you let the search engines know about your other pages because their presence will prompt one to follow the link and read more information. The other importance of using links within your website is that you will be able to increase the time spent on your website and the number of pages visited. The best internal link should not use keywords only and should be useful to the reader.

Reputable authorship and fast speed
Lately, speed and authorship have been used in Google rankings hence you must consider these important tips too. Google will start ranking webpage according to a person’s knowledge on a given subject. One of the ways through which they will determine your knowledge on the subject is comparing your content to your Google+ profile. Your profile tells a lot about you and the number of your followers will determine whether your knowledge on a given subject can be relied on. You will therefore have bind the profile with your content. The faster your site loads the higher your chances of ranking on top because Google now considers speed when ranking.

If you have little knowledge on how to go about on-page search engine optimization, it is important to seek the services of a reputable SEO firm. This will help you get the most out of your website and be among the top as far as Google rankings is concerned.

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