Press Release Format For High PR Backlinks

Press Release Format For Backlinks

One of the best ways in building your backlinks to either your website or blog is through using a press release. A press release is useful information on a subject that is written press release formatusually when there is new information about a specific topic, product, or service that helps to generate targeted traffic to your content online. Although there are many press release directories out there designed to get your “breaking news” out to the masses, there is a general press release format that most websites use to help you get your content published to your anticipated readers online.

A Standard Press Release Format

For those who are new to internet marketer and search engine optimization, writing news about your particular interest in the proper press release format is a great way to generate high page authority back links back to your content, whether you have a blog or website.

Writing a press release is very similar to article marketing in that you want to give your readers just enough information without getting into much detail about. Below, is a press release format template that you can use that is the standard for writing press releases. Following this format for all your press releases will get your online content ranked in no time:


The headline should be the first line of text which tells the reader what the press release is all about. Here you really want to use a headline that will quickly grab the attention of your readers. The headline alone should almost make a person want to click on your press release to learn more about the topic of the article.


Just like most content online, a brief summary of what your press release is about is a good way for your news article to be picked up by journalist who eventually publishes your content on the press release sites. The summary allows the journalist to quickly determine what the press release is about and helps get your press release get noticed.


  1. Dateline – The body is the meat and potatoes of your press release format where the dateline is part of the press release’s body in making sure the press release is properly dated and in some cases, should show the appropriate city that the press release was originated from.
  2. Introduction – Here is where the press release body will actually start. It’s the first paragraph within the body that introduces the reader as to what the press release is about and sets the tone. The introduction is the most important aspect of the press release in keeping the attention of your readers and hopefully getting them to continue reading through to. ALWAYS write your press release in third person, such as they, them, and theirs. Never use we, us or ours in your press release.
  3. Details – The details come after the introduction and gives further explanation, background, and statistics that are relevant to the press release content. The details section of the press release format is commonly used if you don’t plan on including a back link to your related content.

Media Contact Information

This section contain information about yourself such as your name, phone number, email address, physical address, and social media links that can help others contact you pertaining to your press release content. This is also a great place for to build relationships with others who are looking to gain more information about you and your business opportunity.

Having a standardized press release format is the best way to ensure that your content will get the best chance of getting published on some of the web’s most high ranked authority press release sites. Some of the best press release sites that offer high page rank are:


Use press release to your benefit to get that needed link juice for your blog or website content. If you have any questions about creating a press release, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here on the blog. I hope this helps. Until next post.



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