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Prospecting Leads Is Critical In Building Your Business

Prospecting Leads By Building Repoire

As many internet marketers know, one of people’s biggest fears is what to do once you’ve captured that lead within your capture page. When I first started off as an lead prospectinginternet marketer, prospecting leads was one of the most terrifying aspects of learning how to make money online. My problem was not talking on the phone, it was attempting to deliver a sales pitch successfully to someone looking for more information on my online business opportunity.

I can’t tell you the level of anxiety I went through during my begginning stages of building a business online. I use to experience a high level of nervousness everytime I received a new lead, but after speaking with people several times, I soon was able to find my comfort zone when it came to prospecting leads for my business. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert now, but let’s say I’ve come along way from when I began.

Tips That Can Help The Novice Marketer In Prospecting Leads

In this article, I really want to focus on helping those individuals who are currently feeling the same anxiety I felt when I first began. I want to give some basic tips and strategies in prospecting your leads and building repoire. After all, internet marketing is all about building relationships, so learning how to properly prospect your leads relies heavily on how well you connect with them. With this in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind when improving your prospecting leads technique.

Prospecting Leads 101: Talking To Your Leads

This is your bread and butter when it comes to prospecting your leads. Being able to communicate effectively is critical in developing your prospecting skills while learning how to weed out those who are serious about building a business and the so called ‘wannabe’ entrepreneurs.

  • Keep It Short And Sweet – Your initial conversation with your lead shouldn’t really go but for so long. Many internet marketer gurus believe keeping the first conversation to approximately 10 minutes is a good rule of thumb. This tip is lead_prospects3somewhat debatable, but it works for some while others choose an infinite length first call. In theory, keeping your initial call short may strike more interest in the prospect and get them more interested in your business.
  • We Are Sharing, Not Selling – One thing you must learn to do when prospecting leads is to try to keep from being to sales pitchy, lol, if that’s even a phrase! You want to be able to build repoire with your leads by learning more about them and sharing bits of information about yourself. This sets the scene for building the foundation of the relationship. Much like in construction, having a strong foundation helps in the building process and ensures integrity of the structure. Same principle applies when prospecting leads online or offline.
  • Let The Product Do The Explaining – Another good tip is using the system (if applicable) to sale the product. Most online business opportunities have sales presentation video designed to get the interest of a lead that explains the product in detail and offers the benefits and advantages of joining the business or purchasing the product. This is a really great tactic to use in your initial conversation. You can say something like, ” If you have about 30 minutes to spare today, I would like to send you a video presentation of this very powerful system/product/service. Take a look at the video and I will call  you back within (x amount of time) to get your opinion and what you liked about the video.” This is a common lead prospecting tactic that works well.
  • Talk Less, Listen More – For some of us, this lead prospecting tip is an easy one because some of us aren’t really interested in talking. But being able to listen to your lead is a great way to determine their problem(s) when it comes to making money online. Talking too much often times turns people off to you and your business that you’re promoting. You want an equal balance of talking and listening to keep the conversation engaging for both you and the prospect.

If you follow these four tips for prospecting leads, and practice implementing some of these techniques, then you will eventually become more comfortable when talking to your leads. Learning to prospect your leads is a part of your micro-branding strategy. Buidling relationships by getting to know people is key to making money online and will dramatically increase your sales conversions and profits for your business. If you have any other tips and strategies, please share them here on the blog. In the future, I will post about the art of building repoire and provide useful call scripts that will help you in your lead prospecting. Hope you found this article useful.

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