search engine optimization tips

Search Engine Optimization Tips For Blog Posts

Blogging can be a really great way to build your brand online and generate traffic and leads for your primary business. One particular aspect which is often overlooked by novice bloggers is that when writing a blog article, you not only want to write content for your readers, but you also want to write for the search engine as well. In this short article, I want to provide six search engine optimization tips when writing your blog content.

Using these search engine optimization tips when writing your blog post will help sites such as Google and Bing to determine what your niche site is all about. Think of the search engines as traffic cops. Using SEO practices helps the search engines determine which direction or SERP (Search Engine Results Page) your content will be displayed. Your goal, if you’re into SEO is to get on the first page of Google.

search engine optimization tips

Many experienced bloggers know of these search engine optimization tips, but this article is geared moreso to the begginner and/or uninformed experienced blogger that are considering implementing SEO into their blog content.

Search Engine Optimization Tips Basics

You would be surprised on how many internet marketers there are who are making money hand over fist by utilizing search engine optimization. Believe or not, if you become really proficient in learning and implementing it, you can generate traffic and leads for your business basically on auto-pilot. The search engine will do the work for you in terms of getting your content ranked on the first page which allows maximum online exposure.

Let’s delve into some of these search engine optimization tips so you can start implementing them in your blog articles. Keep in mind that SEO isn’t necessary for you to make money online, but it helps to speed up the process in making money especially with a monetized blog.

  1. Content – Having genuine, quality content is the overarching concept or backbone of making money blogging. The clique, Content Is King rings true when blogging online. This isn’t really a tip, but it’s the foundation each blogger should aspire to do.
  2. Keywords – One of the most important search engine optimization tips needed for bloggers is picking a keyword or key phrase for your content. Your keyword needs to be relevant with little to no competition. You want to keep your keywords density to no more than 2%, which is rougly once every 100 words within your post. Google and Bing frown upon keyword stuffing which is having multiple instances of your keyword throughout your artice. Keyword stuffed posts are also hard to read, which may discourage your readers. Another good thing to do is bold your first instance of your keyword. This makes it easier for Google to see your content, because the keyword stands out.
  3. Post Length – A good rule of thumb for this search engine optimization tip is to write articles that are at least 300 words in length. Search engines don’t like content that is too short, they may not believe there is enough relevant content to rank you.
  4. Formatted Headings – Of the various search engine optimization tips, this one is not necessary, but it also helps when the search engines are crawling your site. Make use of the H1 and H2 header tags.
  5. Don’t place your blog content in multiple categories – As a begginner blogger, I would always place my articles in various categories within my blog. This is a no-no as search engines may see this a duplicate content, which could hurt your chances of ranking in Google. Stick to choosing only one category.
  6. Meta Robot Tag – Did you know you can set your blog articles to be indexed and followed by the search engines or indexed and not followed. Your robot meta tag allows you to set whether you want the search engine to index and follow the article when someone clicks on it. I currently have a WordPress plugin that does this for me. I can set my page to be index/followed, noindex/follow, index/nofollow, or noindex/nofollow. This is set by preference.

These six search engine optimization tips are really good for bloggers to implement. By using these techniques will help you in achieving the first page on the major search engines. On-page search engine optimization is a really great way to get your blog noticed by search engines and will dramatically increase your traffic and leads. If you should have anymore search engine optimization tips that you would like to share, please leave a comment here on the blog.



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