SEO Techniques To Rank Your Content Online

SEO Techniques That Search Engines Love To Crawl

Building a business online takes time and know-how when getting your content in front of potential customers. But knowing and using proven seo techniques to rank your content online is critical in building not only your business, but your brand online. When I first started blogging, I thought I could drum up business by just logging into my WordPress admin account and start blogging about anything under the sun, but it’s much more seoinvolved than that. I wasn’t using seo techniques used by some of the industries leaders in ranking their content online and having people find them instead of them looking for prospects online. After weeks of seeing no results within the search engines, I began to realize, ‘I must be doing something wrong’ and then I began to read content online about different seo techniques that network marketers were using to drive traffic to their content. After learning some of the basic principles of search engine optimization, I began to implement these seo techniques to drive traffic to my blog and website.

Five Basic SEO Techniques To Increase Your Rank In Any Search Engine

When starting off in the network marketing industry, there will always be learning curves to get past in order to become a successful marketer in building your brand online. Search engine optimization is almost a necessary evil that you can’t get around, if you really want to be successful that is. I would say knowing seo techniques in building your business is ‘half the battle’, meaning if you could use these techniques as tools in your toolbox, it gives you the necessaties to do the job more effectively without the added stress of doing it wrong and hurting yourself in the process using black hat seo techniques that will eventually get your content demoted in SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages).

Below are five basic seo techniques that can be used to get you ranked or at best, sustain your rank while providing quality content on the Internet. Let’s begin shall we:

  1. Providing your keyword or keyword phrases in the title – I know this might sound like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people online don’t incorporate their keyword ( if the post is meant to be optimized) in their title or url. This is one of the biggest mistakes of most network marketers. For web crawlers to see your keyword, it’s best seo practice to have your keyword somewhere in the title so it can be easily seen and crawled.
  2. Knowing when to use the nofollow meta tag – Over the last few months, I’ve perfected the use of the “nofollow” meta tag and when to use it. The general purpose of using nofollow is when you want visitors to your blog or website to click something that you don’t want search engines to follow in losing link juice to the outbound site. For example, you would use nofollow when your promoting an affiliate link that you want visitors to view. Don’t give away your ‘link juice’ to an affiliate link in promoting a product or service online. Nofollow is used in several other instance, for more examples of nofollow, click here.
  3. Make good use of high page ranked external links – One good seo technique that helps improve your page rank is providing external links to related informative content online, without linking to competitor’s content online. You want to find content from an informative source, such as a website with related content, but not a competitor’s blog unless the author of the blog is willing to exchange links with you.
  4. Finding optimized keywords or keyword phrases – This is very important aspect of search engine optimization. Finding an optimized keyword often involves finding popular, relevant words or phrases that see sufficient daily searches with minimal link competition to drive traffic to your content. There are special external keyword tools that can assist with finding the right keywords that will help your content to be found on the Internet.
  5. Providing natural back links by commenting on other’s blog – Providing back links to your content is a very important part of having your content ranked. With the recent Panda and Penguin Google algorithm updates, it’s important to generate quality back links from high authority blogs and web 2.0 websites. This seo technique not only helps with ranking your site, but helps to build relationships online, which is critical in network marketing.

There are other great seo techniques that can help you build your content ranking within the major search engines. Learning how to implement search engine optimization will get you to the first page of Google and other search engines if your consistent in making sure your content has quality content, relevant keywords with an adequate number of searches each day and the powerful link building strategies to help drive traffic to your content. I hope this helps and remember to please share this content using social media.


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