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Social Media Marketing Tips For Generating Leads

Social Media Marketing Tips To Get Free Leads

Social media marketing is one of the best niches to get started in internet and network marketing, but inorder to be effective in generating leads through such social media social media marketingplatforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ you have to learn the art of ‘building a rapport’ with people on social media to really have the ability to generate FREE leads online. As an internet marketer that has been in the game for sometime, I know the importance of using social media marketing to find valuable leads to build your business and build a substantial down line in whatever online opportunity that you’re trying to promote.

There are some golden rules to social media marketing that you really need to heed when it comes to building relationships online. I have to admit that this form of marketing takes some practice to really be effective and get people to notice you online, but if done properly, social media marketing offers a wealth of leads that will not only help build your downlines, but build your brand as a leader in internet marketing. I know you’re probably saying to yourself ‘Well, isn’t just as easy as messaging random strangers on Facebook and seeing which one of them bite?’ NO!! I can’t stress how many people I’ve seen on Facebook use this tactic. I will be on Facebook and all of a sudden I get a instant message stating, ‘Hello Greg, please take a look at my business. Here’s the link below. Check it out and tell me what you think.’ Now this may work for some, but most people (myself included) can become quite annoyed with spammy comments from random strangers found on Facebook. There’s a better way to do this and I’m going to go over some techniques you can use to build your social media marketing strategy online. Let’s being:

Social Media Marketing Techniques That Can Get You Free Leads

There are many ways to get those valuable free leads online using social media marketing, but here are five techniques that have been working for me to get those people to opt-in to my online business:

  1. DON’T SEND SPAMMY COMMENTS– As I just mentioned, one of the best ways to annoy most people on social media is to send comments trying to promote your business online. This can also quickly get your Facebook account suspended, which can be a nightmare to regain. This is a big problem among novice marketers looking to use social media marketing as a marketing niche.
  2. Find Opportunity Related Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn Groups – This social media marketing tip is critical in building your business online and allows you to somewhat target specific groups for potential leads for your business. If you’re business is related to coffee, find coffee lover groups or people who have liked major brand coffee retailers such as the Starbucks fan page to find potential leads for your coffee business. Once you find these individuals online, they’re almost ‘easy pickings’ for a potential lead for your business.
  3. Turn A Spammy Comment Into A Potential Lead – This is one of those social media marketing strategies that may require some practice at first, but once you spam_imageget the hang of it, it works out quite well. So I know you’re asking, How the hell do I get someone that is trying to sell me their product to turn into a FREE lead for me?’ Well, one technique that is used by most of the most influential social media marketing gurus in the world is having the ability to give advice to people who are marketing the wrong way. For instance, when someone sends you one of those spammy comments on Facebook, you can reply saying ‘ I’m not interested in the business opportunity, but that’s an interesting marketing tactic. How is that working for you?’ When you ask this, it will spark curiosity by the ill-informed marketer and they will respond by saying what ‘What tactic? This is working just fine for me (blatant lie).’ This is where you swoop in and say something like ‘ I have a system or opportunity to helps you in generating free leads using social media marketing the correct way to build relationships and it works great for me.’ From there, you will spark even more interest in the marketer and you can lead them into your affiliate link or primary opportunity.
  4. Always Wait To Be Asked For Your Link – Your goal is to build rapport and get them interested in what you have to offer. It’s almost like baiting them, like a worm on a hook. You have to bait them to reel them in to your promotional link. It’s best practice to either wait for them to ask for your link or ask them if their interested in checking the link out.
  5. Stay Engaged – One of the worst things to do when venturing into social media marketing is not engaging with your friends, twitter followers, or connections on LinkedIn. You really want to add comments with value and respond to any comments to you to show that you’re an active, socialable person that likes interacting with others. This can also give you a good gauge of others online. Some people on social media aren’t the best people to work with when it comes to business. Get a feel of the person through conversation and some of the comments they leave on a page.

These five social media marketing techniques I use to help me generate FREE leads for my business. If you’re interested in working with me and joining my team, please leave a comment here on the blog. Also, please hover over the image and share on social media. Until next time!


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