Social Media Marketing Tips To Engage Your Fans

Social Media Strategies To Engage Your Fans/Followers

Hello everyone, I’m back with some really great advice on one of the most popular internet social media marketingmarketing niche strategies around, social media. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, social media marketing offers both the novice and experienced internet marketer maximized exposure to their online business opportunities. But for social media marketing to really be effective, you must learn the proper way to utilize micro-branding techniques that will have others engaging with you.

When we use social media marketing as a strategy, it’s important to remember people are looking for you to be social and willing to engage in conversation in an effort to build relationships and get the interest of the person in order to properly introduce them to your online business opportunity. Social media marketing requires the internet marketer to gain the trust of the potential prospect to convert those leads into sales and profits for their business.

Best 6 Social Media Strategies To Engage With Fans/Followers

Below are some really great social media marketing tips that you should adhere to when attempting to micro-brand yourself and provide value to your fans, followers, or connections using social media:

  • Publish content regularly – Now this tip may be somewhat obvious, but often times many marketers don’t take the time to provide genuine content that provides value to your audience. Much like blogging, your social media audience needs to be able to read your content to better decide whether they want to find out more information about you or your business. In actuality, you don’t have to post anything about your business, it could be about any subject. Publish content about current news or maybe a subject that interest you and you have a wealth of knowledge on. One suggestion would be too write down on a calendar topics that you want to talk about for each day of the week. This will help you in providing content each day and keep things nice and neat.
  • Keep you content succint – keeping your content short and to the point is usually the best way to get the readers interest without giving away too much or losing the interest of the reader by being too wordy in your social media posts.
  • ALWAYS Respond to comments and messages – this social media marketing tips is especially important when it comes to social media. Similar to a blog, you want to engage with others who are interested in learning about you. When it comes to social media, branding yourself is more important than promoting your business opportunity, unlike direct marketing methods. Be social able and start conversations that others will engage in to build relationships.
  • Post photos and videos – In my personal opinion, nothing resonates more with readers than images and videos. This also helps in “painting a picture” about you and what topics that interest you, which others may find interesting and want to engage with you online.
  • Offer fans exclusive access to incentives – this is a great way for internet marketers to engage with their social media prospects. Having special discounts and incentives not only promotes your business online, but helps to build that trust relationship with others online.
  • Questions and surveys – Polling your social media audience is a great way to get a sense as to what type of interests your readers have by conducting surveys and asking questions that will help in gathering intelligence about your audience. Ask questions such as: ‘ My favorite marketing technique is _____________(fill in the blank)

As you can see, there are several different ways that you can interact with people through social media. There are many more, but these are six techniques that I use to have helped me get engaging with my prospects and converting them into sales. Social media is a great marketing platform if used properly and with these six tips, I hope they will help you in your online businesses.


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