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Why Article Marketing Is So Powerful in Driving Traffic To Your Site

Hello everyone, Greg Smith back again giving online network marketers vital information that will help you gain success in your online marketing campaigns. I’ve recently explored a technique that has helped my blog increase both it’s Google and Bing page ranking within a couple of days, but has also dramatically helped my blog’s Alexa ranking increase by almost 50% since I’ve implemented it. I’m talking about article marketing. Article marketing is a great strategy for helping your blog get that extra push in the search engines and getting your primary or affiliate business out to the masses by creating what is known as back links.

What article marketing does is allows you to write short 300-600 word articles pertaining to your specific topic or your niche market to hopefully influence potential customers to check out your particular website or blog and allows you to give a ‘call to action‘ to the readers to click on an anchor link that will redirect them to your blog or website to provide more detailed information on your particular product or service. Article marketing is a MUST marketing strategy if you’re looking to drive major traffic to your site. But the major byproduct of using article marketing is creating back links that Google uses to crawl your site which shows Google that content on your site is legit and provides some type of value to the reader, in turn, this increases your page rank score with Google and other search engines and helps you build your brand by allowing others to see your posts on the first page of major search engines, but it does require time and work to get there.

Article Marketing Tips and Strategies

In this blog post, I want to share some basic techniques and strategies used in article marketing and just some knowledge nuggets that could help you in building your back linking structure to your site/blog. This is vital in getting you in the game and off the sidelines if you really want to be a major player in network marketing. Below are just a few tips that will help you and if you know of any others, please feel free to contribute to the post by leaving a comment below. I’m always open to learning from others when sharing tricks of the trade and various different marketing techniques.

  1. Article Content – Before you write your short articles, you want to keep in mind that you don’t want to provide the reader with detailed information in the article. The main goal of the article is to not only provide an inbound back link to your site, but you also want to give the reader JUST ENOUGH content to gain and maintain their interest throughout the article, you don’t want to give details or even worse pitch your business through an article post. Think of it as baiting the customer into wanting to learn more, once they take the hook and click on your inbound link, then your mission is to ‘reel them in’, sort of speak.
  2. Article Directories – Once your articles are written, you want to submit them into various article marketing directories. These directories act as a storage repository for all of your article content and allows individuals to read yours or others articles found on the directory. The are many of these type of article directories, but here are some of the major article directories:

3.  Avoid Paid Article Directories – Although this gives you another realm of directories to submit too. Search engines such as Google tend to frown on back links that seem to be through a paid service and may directly hurt your overall page ranking within each search engine. Not saying that they’re not useful paid services out there, but be very cautious when using these.

4. Try To Avoid Duplication – What I mean by this is that some article directories look for redundancies when submitting articles. Article marketing directories look for duplicate content on the web to ensure the content integrity of the articles that are placed within their directories. I know Hubpages often looks for any articles online that are the same, almost word for word and if found, they will unpublish your article content and ask you to make changes. It’s always a good idea to change your article content a little to prevent this from happening. This is called ‘spinning’ in network marketing lingo.

There you have it, four good tips to use when using article marketing to drive traffic using back links to your blog and get sales. This marketing technique has very low risk and a potentially high reward, so it’s in your best interest to at least try this method to give you a leg up on much of the competition coupled with using keyword optimization techniques ( please see my post on keyword optimization). I hope this helps, remember if you have any questions, please comment here on the blog. I always look forward to helping others. Till next time!!






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