walmart affiliate program

Walmart Affiliate Program Plus 5 Ways To Generate Traffic

walmart affiliate program

Walmart is a store with a wide variety of items and is a great place to shop for all your needs. They have everything from groceries, clothing, and even furniture at reasonable prices.

Walmart offers a great opportunity to make money with their affiliate program. This is a departmental store chain that has maintained dominance in the industry for a very long time. At Walmart, you can get everything you want from basic consumer items to electronics.

It presents an affiliate program to interested persons where with dedication and resilience one can earn good money.

To understand this subject better we will delve deeper and divulge as much as we can about the program. In this article you can expect information about the Walmart affiliate program plus 10 ways to make money.

What is the Walmart affiliate program?

The program is similar to any other marketing program except for a few benefits. The concept is quite simple to comprehend.

You place links to Walmart’s products on your website where visitors can see them. When a customer spots a link, clicks, and goes ahead to make a purchase the company pays you a commission. The amount is usually a predetermined percentage of the price.

It is important to note that different product categories attract different commission amounts. The more purchases customers make the more money you make.

When a customer returns a product, the company will debit the amount from your account.

How Does The Walmart Affiliate Program Work?

The program does not discriminate against anyone as long as they meet the requirements. After signing up and getting approved you will get access to an array of links in the backend. It is these links that you will place on your site. The commission figures range from 1-4% of the product’s costs.

The first step is to get traffic for your site and then get them to buy products. It is advisable to only place links that match your website’s niche. If your article revolves around weight loss, don’t link traffic to toys and cosmetics, it would be frustrating.

Before you sign up, ensure your niche earns an understandable amount of commission. If you do not you might not be able to justify the cost of creating content for the website.

It’s important to note that there are some products for which the retailer does not pay commission. These products include:

  • Travel
  • Pharmacy
  • Financial services
  • Gift cards
  • The Walmart internet service
  • Tires

The commissions are paid according to category with some earning more than others.

  • Contact lenses-1%
  • Video games-1%
  • Music-1%
  • Movies-1%
  • Jewelerly-4%
  • Sports-4%
  • Toys-4%
  • Photo-1%
  • Patio and garden-4%
  • Health-4%
  • Clothing-4%
  • Beauty-4%
  • Gifts-4%
  • Electronics-1%
  • Books-1%
  • Baby-4%
  • Home-4%

How Can I Join The Walmart Affiliate Program?

Joining the Walmart affiliate program is pretty simple and free. They do not charge any fees for registration or anything. You will need to visit the Walmart website and click on the affiliate program. Here you will get a form where you will fill in your details. They ask for some basic information like:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Address
  • Website URL
  • Some more information about you and your website.

To get approved, however, you must meet some requirements:

  • Your website must be family-friendly
  • A large percentage of your website’s traffic must be from North America
  • You cannot apply with a dormant website, your site must prove activity
  • The website needs to be a blogging site, no other.

After signing up, the approval process is quite swift and you can get started immediately. The company provides the links and banners you will place on your site. The banners are designed to attract viewers that most probably turn into buyers. They will buy by clicking on the ads and when they do, you can expect the money in your account.

The retailer might pay small commissions on some products but at least they pay something for their most popular products.

To improve the customer experience, the company allows you to place a buy now button beside the products on your website. This way you save shoppers the trouble of navigating multiple pages when buying products and in turn encourage them to buy more. The button directs them to Walmart’s checkout screen.

Having to click on items and add them to carts can be daunting for buyers. Another feature of the program is that the payment is only made after 60 days. If you need money every two weeks this program might not work for you.

How Can I Promote The Walmart Affiliate Program?

Once you join the program there are several techniques you can use to earn money. They revolve around informing a consumer about a product and then encouraging them to buy.

Using Google Shopping PPC

One way to drive traffic to your affiliate links from Walmart is to use paid advertising feature in Google called “Google Shopping” ads.

This method of traffic should only be attempted by semi-experience to experienced marketers who understand how Google ads work and more importantly, those who have the marketing budget to pay Google to run your ads.

Email Marketing

It is no secret that email marketing is one of the most powerful ways of customer engagement. The marketing medium offers an immediate and direct line to your customers, making it an ideal marketing platform for start-ups and the Walmart affiliate program alike.

You are a salesperson. You can package the products in the form of information emails and link the readers to your website where they can find a detailed review of the product.

Utilize Social Media

Just by promoting the Walmart offers, banners, and links through social media, you can generate revenue with their affiliate program. If you have good numbers on social media you can post a link to your website.

Use Forums To Promote Your Affiliate Link

There are many places you can find traffic, but one overlooked way is to post in forums. To show you how, I searched for a popular keyword in Google.

For example, if you were looking to promote dog products using the Walmart affiliate program and wanted to find dog or dog training forums on Google to promote your affiliate links to.

And if you go to Google and do a search for “dog training forum”, what do you see?

keyword research

There are a number of keywords that show of posts on the first page of search results. By clicking each one of those keyword, you can view which forums are ranking on the first page of Google. This will give you a good indication of which forums to join and build a relationship with to promote your affiliate offer.

Create Your Own Website or Blog

Any affiliate marketer who’ve found success can tell you that having your own website or blog is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your offer, especially when it comes to the Walmart affiliate program.

Although this traffic generation strategy takes a little more effort on your part, it’s well worth the investment and time.

You could create your own website or blog to create affiliate reviews of the products that you’re promoting from Walmart.

This helps you build credibility with your audience and it’s a really great way to build your online brand (which is highly recommended).

Reviewing a product is offering information about a product to readers. You are simply telling the reader why they should buy a product. You do this by listing the features, usability, reliability pros, and cons of a product. Keyword research will help you improve your presence on search engines.

Advantages Of The Walmart Affiliate Program

This is a big brand. The company is almost everywhere and millions of shoppers turn to it for their needs. By working with such a brand you get to take advantage of the acclamation the brand enjoys.

Product selection. The retailer avails to shoppers over 4 million products which you are free to market and earn from. Partnering with a retailer with almost every item a consumer could ever want is an advantage.

The company helps members. They offer well-designed creatives like banners where members can upload their sites to improve earnings.

The Walmart affiliate program offers multiple marketing tools.

The retailer offers its marketers information on the most recent products and other useful information.


The commission might be too small for some people.

Some products are not readily available and might require you to work extra hard.

Some reviewers feel the administration does not offer the program the attention it deserves. They feel that the management can make it better if they cared a little more about it.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the Walmart affiliate program is worth trying. It is among the best there are in terms of earnings and member support. The fact that millions of customers trust Walmart should give you an easy time.

In my honest opinion, the affiliate program that Walmart is setup really well for the novice or semi-experience marketer to make money online.

I think it provides the perfect opportunity for those who are looking to dip their toes in the affiliate marketing pool just to see if they find any kind of success.

But if by learning how to drive traffic, you should no issues with getting affiliate sales from the program.

If you’ve used the Walmart affiliate program, please leave your comments below as to how it worked out for you.

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