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Why Become An Entrepreneur?

Why Being An Entrepreneur Is The Way To Go

In today’s rough economy, individuals are increasingly looking to become an entrepreneur for a way to branch out from the daily grind of a ‘9-to-5’ job, dealing with meager salaries and wages, over-bearing bosses, and living paycheck to paycheck can be over-whelming.

I can’t begin to tell you that there is nothing more fulfilling then going into business for yourself and making money to help supplement the income your currently making on your job or even completely eliminating yourself from the constant ‘rat-race’ of working to pay the mortgage, yacht, and golf club memberships of CEO’s who don’t even know you exist or even care to know.

What Side of the Quadrant Are You On?

I often wondered how it would be if I was in business for myself. Now in my late 30’s, I think of how my life could have been if I realized the potential of having ownership in a business that will position me to be independent and self sufficient while not having to work and trade dollars for time just to live paycheck to paycheck as famous entrepreneur and real estate mogul,Robert Kiyosaki explains in his book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow quadrant, he explains that there are generally four different type of people who make up the world of business.

Basically he goes on to explain that of the four different types of individuals which are: E– employees of a company, S– Self employed individuals(small business), B– People who build businesses (entrepreneurs), and I – people who invest in business.

He explains that being an S or an E will never allow you to become financially free because you’re working for someone else rather than for yourself. But transitioning into a B or an I allows individuals to create their own financial freedom without trading time for money.

He stresses the importance of becoming an entrepreneur especially looking to network marketing as a solution to a common problem of trading time for money.

I decided to get into network marketing because, like most individuals caught in the never-ending rat-race designed for you to never find your way out of the endless maze no matter what direction you take. I found myself at a cross roads.

I did what my parents told me, “work hard, go to school and get a good-paying job”, but they don’t tell you, if you don’t earn a scholarship somewhere, you will owe thousands of dollars for that degree that you eventually will have a hard time finding a job to pay for.

And best of all, after you work 30-40 years in that particular job or career, you can retire on a fraction of the pay that you were barely getting by with during your working years to begin with.

Ah, you have to love how the irony!

Don’t get me wrong, many people have successfully navigated through the pitfalls of student loan debt, unemployment after graduation and reaching retirement where the retirement age seems to keep conveniently increasing every other year.

Becoming an entrepreneur, with a good work ethic, willingness to learn, and determination can provide that a plausible solution to becoming financially free.

Click here for the video of Robert Kiyosaki explaining the Cashflow Quadrant. Check it out and leave a comment on what you think of it and what side of the equation you would like to be.

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