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Why I Joined Empower Network

Joining the Empower Network has been a life changing experience for me. I can’t begin to tell you how this company has helped me in getting my brand out there and help to change the lives of others looking for a financial solutions to make money from home without even picking up the phone. I want to personally thank the two co-founders of Empower Network, David Wood and David Sharpe for giving average people like myself the opportunity to make money and more importantly, providing a residual income opportunity to build a better future for my family. Both David Sharpe and David Wood came from rather rough backgrounds, David Wood struggled with homelessness living out of a van with his wife with only $36 to his name, while David Sharpe struggled with not only being homeless, but a drug addict as well. Obviously these two guys overcame extreme adversity to get to where they are today as successful entrepreneurs by creating this marketing system design for the average joe. This form of network marketing has NEVER been done before to this extent and with this type of success. I encourage people to at least take a look at the company and the compensation plan to help them build their own business and provide financial security to those looking to achieve a better quality of life through making money online.

The start up for joining the Empower Network is only $25 per month (plus $19.95 to setup your merchant account) to start making money online. The training provided in the back office is exceptional and gives you a blueprint of how to drive traffic to your blog and it also goes over the eight core commitments which are the essentials in building your business, getting your brand out there, and establishing yourself as a network marketer.

David Sharpe’s Inspiring Empower Hour Speech

One of the core commitments when joining the Empower Network community in making money online is to make sure you jump on the Empower Hour phone conferences that both David Sharpe and David Wood conduct every Monday night. I must say that these weekly phone conferences are full of information to help you in building your online business by giving advice on different marketing techniques and strategies and by also helping to give their members the mental mindset to become successful in  establishing their business by providing motivational speeches. During the week of Christmas of last year, David Sharpe conducted an Empower Hour speech where he briefly goes over the trials and tribulations on getting the Empower Network up and running and how they NEVER gave up because they wanted to give people an outlet to making money and getting 100% commissions unlike other affiliate marketing companies. His speech inspired me even more to become more successful in building my business and helping others to achieve financial freedom.

I have included a download of David Sharpe’s Empower Hour speech from last year to show others looking to build their own business to become successful, no matter what obstacles that may get in your way. Please click on the photo below to download this inspiring speech (use Windows Media Player, give audio approx 15 seconds to start once opened) and start making a change to establishing financial freedom. If you would like to work with me and want more information on the business, please email me using the ‘Contact Me’ menu page here on the blog or to learn more about Empower Network, click here and enter your email address for a special presentation by David Wood on how you can change your life and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Empower Network
David Sharpe and David Wood (Co-founders of Empower Network)

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